Where is the welcome guide in dashboard?

Hi again,

I’m working on my listing and have been reading the forums to see what sitters want to know. I read there’s a welcome guide so I went back to my account on THS and could find nothing labeled “welcome guide” on my dashboard. Is the welcome guide the same as the “listing” info?? I’m on the web not the mobile app.


HI @Trudzie this link will explain how you find the Welcome Guide in your dashboard How do I create and share my Welcome Guide? – TrustedHousesitters

To create and edit your Welcome Guide through the website:

  1. Log into your account with your email and password
  2. Click your name in the top right corner
  3. Select ‘Dashboard’ from the drop-down menu
  4. Head to the ‘Your Welcome Guide’ section
  5. Click ‘Edit Welcome Guide’
  6. Click the tabs along the top for the different sections of the Guide (My Home, My Pets etc)
  7. Then simply click the blue pencil next to the relevant section to enter in your information
  8. Finish by clicking ‘Save’ and ‘Publish’

To share your Welcome Guide, your sitter will need to be officially confirmed via the platform. Once your sitter is confirmed, you will be presented with the option to update/share your Welcome Guide via your dashboard under the ‘Welcome Your Sitters’ section.

If you still have issues do connect with the Membership Services Team

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Hi again, I followed the instructions you gave but when I go into my dashboard there is no welcome guide section. My listing is ready except for finalizing my dates. Does the listing need to be complete with dates for me to be able to work on the welcome guide. I’m trying to get all my prep work done now before I put up the listing.


Hi again Trudy you need to complete your listing and then you will have access to the Welcome Guide, I’m going to delete the Screen Shot which shows your account name.

I will get Membership Services to follow up when they are back on line Monday morning …

Hi Angela…We are getting close to activating our listing by adding our dates. I didn’t realize that the App is not fully developed or I’m doing something wrong. Our listing, other than dates is done and can be previewed on the website platform. When I preview it on the app under “Me” and then “View and edit Listing”, the only section you see is the “About Us” section. The section for Home and Location and all the other sections in the App are blank. When you click on a section eg “Your home and location”, it displays a message “It’s looking a bit bare around these parts! Why not spruce up your listing by adding more details?”. If I click the top of the listing where it says Edit, then the sections can be individually edited. THEN I see the info I already have in there from creating it on the web platform. But you can’t see it from either the dashboard or the “Me” profile. Why can’t I preview it like I can in the web platform?

Hi @Trudzie so sorry you are having issues … I’m will DM you.

I’ve created a listing and added the max 10 pictures with descriptions. When I preview my listing, the descriptions do not show anywhere under the pictures. And in the section “My pets”, it only shows my two pet’s pictures, even though in Edit mode, I’ve “introduced them” by giving a description of each of their personalities", their age etc. That info like the other picture descriptions does not display. I am using the web platform.

It seems the captions under photos work on the mobile app (on my android phone they show) but for some reason do not show on a PC (they used to but for some reason disappeared a while ago)

I’m sure this has been reported many times but nothing seems to have been done.

@Angela-HeadOfCommunity - can you check again to see if this is being actioned?

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The app is also a problem as I can not see my listing in preview. Only the “About Us” section shows. The other sections are blank. Only way to see them is to go into edit mode. But once you leave edit mode and back to preview in the app, the section title shows but the body of text is empty with a message to add info. So I went back to the web version. Also, the other inconsistency is the app lets me see and work on the welcome guide while I await final trip dates to activate my listing. The web platform on the other hand doesn’t allow me to see the welcome guide. I’ve been told until the listing is active, you can’t access it. Yet I can access it on the app. So it’s a bit confusing as a new owner what to use for a platform where my listing is incomplete in one way or the other, on both platforms. Do most owners favor one platform over the other?

Thank you Martin I will pick up with the team Monday and @Trudzie I have responded by DM with more information. Thank you both, apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience

This is the first I’ve heard of a welcome guide. I’ve already had my first sit on here and had no idea there was a guide to use. I simply thought up questions to ask the homeowner and she answered them and I was fine. I’m assuming the welcome guide provided ideas of questions to ask prior to the sit.

The Welcome Guide provides additional detailed information after a sit has been agreed upon - there are a number of categories of information. Some of it will already have been discussed during the interview process, some won’t.

The home owner usually shares it with you before the sit starts, but you can also request it. Not all home owners use the Welcome Guide - some prefer to hand write or print off a guide and have it at the house when you arrive.

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