Which currency to use in listing?

We plan to include some examples of public transportation costs to our listing. Which currency would be most useful? Ex. “Taking a train to the nearest supermarket costs 15 THB.”

We live in Thailand, so the local currency is THB (Thai baht). I guess the main currencies would be EUR, GBP and USD, but it doesn’t seem wise to use all of them! THB would be the most accurate, but very few would have any idea of how much or how little that would be without converting the amount in baht to their own currency.


Hi @CatsAndDog I would specify the amounts in the local currency THB, there are many of us on here who have travelled to Thailand so will be familiar with this currency anyway but you could then also say this is approx £,$. Of course most people will have access to a search engine and will be able to check this conversion for themselves.


For those using an Apple computer/laptop, a nifty trick I use daily is simultaneously hitting ‘command + space bar’. This brings up a little block where I’d type any currency, eg THB15 and then it gives me a very accurate amount in my own currency.