Who pays insurance deductible?

Hi Al. I have a sit coming up with brand new homeowners to THS. They seem like lovely folks and I’m very excited about the sit. They wanted to clarify what would happen if there was damage to their house or car, which they are kind enough to let me use given it’s a somewhat remote location. They were able to figure out that THS and their insurance will cover the house and in this particular situation their insurance covers the vehicle, but they are asking to come to an agreement about who would be responsible for the deductible should something happen that triggers an insurance deductible. Neither of us expect anything terrible to happen, but I think they just want to cover the what if scenario as they are a bit nervous as brand-new homeowners to using the site. I think this is a very practical question, I just have never had a homeowner ask about this and curious if anyone else has dealt with this and how you resolved it prior to the sit. I guess I could see if it was something that I was at fault for, for example hitting somebody’s car, that I would pay the deductible but if it was something like the hot water heater broke and caused damage that would be on them. Very curious about others thoughts and if anybody has put an agreement in writing and might be willing to share it with me in a DM.

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