Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

Oh my word @Colin … four legged heaven, fresh produce and New Zealand, not that I’m at all jealous :wink: no just very happy for you both.

Keep the pics and stories coming … are you going to meetup with @Smiley and any other member?

BTW those oranges look delicious and I sense an avocado toast breakfast moment.


Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity - We have arranged to meet @Smiley just before Christmas in Christchurch - we have tickets t go to a Carol concert

We would love to meet any other sitters or home hosts during our time here, I will put a shout-out on the forum soon


Great you’ve enjoyed a few days R & R after the long flight south, @Colin and now at your first sit in Gisborne with some cute pets, very hospitable host and fresh oranges! NZ is such a beautiful country with the two islands being completely different. Your coach ride allowed you to enjoy some of this beauty. Have a fantastic time over there and keep your posts coming!


It looks wonderful @Colin - the furry company and the fruit from the garden!


Congratulations on surviving your epic journey @Colin.
What a treat being able to collect oranges and avocados in the sunshine. You look at home already - enjoy.


@Colin - I envy you. New Zealand is a wonderland! Not sure how much you will get to explore but the Hundertwasser Public Toilets in Kawakawa are a marvel. It is pretty far north.

The Austrian artist settled in the area.
Avocados and oranges - and I thought the kiwis tasted better in NZ too.
Will you train/ferry/bus to Christchurch? The trip is well worth the time it takes. And Christchurch has an amazing spirit, I think, of recovery after the earthquake!
If you explore the south island, try to get to Dunedin - the east side of the bay has several wonderful bird sanctuaries - 2 kinds of penguins and albatrosses.


Hi @toml , nice to hear from you, hope you are well? - That public toilet looks interesting, I am not sure if we will get to that area but if we do I will definitely check it out, I am of an age where the location of public toilets is always the first thing I check when visiting a new area :rofl:
I misjudged the length of the journey from north to south islands and only have a day to do it in so have decided to fly - I would much prefer to use the coach as you get to see so much more but in this case, unfortunately, it isn’t possible - Our Christchurch host has kindly offered his car though so we will definitely be exploring some of the surrounding areas.


Remember the distances in Oz can be great as well @Colin and juggling public transport can be interesting!!

@temba - following your similar advice a while ago we decided to condense our Aussie sits to only be in or around Melbourne and Sydney :white_check_mark:

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I forgot I’d given you that advice @Colin - must have been a Senior’s Moment :rofl::rofl:

I am now in beautiful Cape Town with Silver. She is a dream doggie, sweet, affectionate and obedient, and just loves her regular walks in the Groot Constantia Vineyards. There coffee spots within the wine estate, so makes for a really pleasant experience all round.


How lovely to see you’re in Cape Town @Therese-Moderator! Beautiful dog and beautiful vineyards. Enjoy!:blush:


She is glued inside me. One of those, nobody’s home when you start. Then she barked for hours, i did all the tricks I know to make her comfortable and now day 4.


Here in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, a surburb 1 hr drive west of Toronto. Sitting a 12 yr old English Setter, sleeps 23 hrs a day on the couch.

She is too sleepy, ignores food for hours so for breakfast 7am must hand feed her thyroid pill instead of inserting inside a small piece of potato.

Must open her jaws and put the pill near the back of her mouth. Poking it inside her mouth as she snoozes doesn’t work, she spits it out. A rare bit of “work” on my 10 day sit here.

Now on my 4th sit since Oct, back to back. I booked right to Dec 23. Hoped for a 3 day break over Christmas to visit my kids in Toronto. Searched Toronto Dec23-26…and I GOT ONE…only 6 houses away from my daughter, 2 cats. Christmas dinner plans next up. What Luck!

Repeat sits already booked to May 1st, 2023 and for summer July-Aug. Only a two month window to jump the pond to sit in Rome or Florence May-June, 2023.

Safe travels to all Sitters where ever you are in the world.

PS If you are nearby, lets meet for a coffee and share stories. Lack of social contact with other human humans is sometimes tough when it lasts months.

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Sitting for a week in the Parkside neighborhood of San Francisco - beautiful weather so far. Lots of parks, great places to eat nearby.
Skippy the dog is 10 years old, but plays like a puppy-

Max is an 11 year old Siberian who is content to sleep all day (he is a cat).

And Bando is a year old Siberian who is a bit more active and has decided to sleep at the head of the bed.

And a flock of chickens in the back yard who require little attention - but aren’t laying either.

Heading off to make my weekly platelet donation this afternoon. Red Cross in the US is really good about sharing donation info so you can donate almost anywhere you are. This will be donation #19 this year!


Dudes! I am so happy for you!
Everything you describe sounds purrfect!
Enjoy your adventures!

Don’t know why but I have visions of you as crusaders “lords of the ring!”


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Enjoyed learning of the Hundertwasser Toilets, @toml. They look Mondrian-influenced. The Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles is pretty special too.

Mondrian predates Hundertwasser by about 50 years, so there may be some influence. Hundertwasser has some amazing buildings in Vienna also - a wonderful apartment building. He retired to New Zealand.

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Just finished a fun sit close to ocean beach in San Francisco with Issa the Border Collie and her cat bro Milo ( pronounced Mee-lo). Both were fun personalities, Meelo on Lockdown due to an altercation with a neighborhood cat. Issa although 10 years old still pretty energetic being a Border Collie and a bit of anxiety. Both were adorable and wanted lot’s of cuddles. San Francisco is actually home for me, yet now semi-retired I work in Alaska seasonally then wander snd sit in the winter. Now hanging out with fur Nephew Luigi aka Poo Bear for the Thanksgiving break. Here’s a couple of images I created for their parents as well.


We’re in Germany this weekend for a family wedding. How happy were everyone when I put up my hand to walk the family dog! I was the happiest of them all! Getting to do a forest walk with autumnal leaves and good company, getting a 1.5 hour break from the wedding madness at home. This is Bruno, he’s just under 1 and has loads of energy but impeccable manners.