Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

@toml we’ll see! The youngest one still sleeps in a cage downstairs. The other two have their separate doggie beds next to our bed. In the mornings they ask to be let up on the bed with us, same as with the couch - they were trained to ask permission to get on the couch. Mostly they remember!

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@toml update after a few nights: the young one is very good in her cage in the living room. The oldest one, who has a dog bed next to our bed, decided that he’d rather camp out on the couch in the living room than with us. Fine by us. And the middle one sleeps in her own bed next to our bed, and early mornings she really DOES ask to be let on to our bed, and she won’t jump up until we say ‘okay’. She’ll flap her ears incessantly to try and wake us up to ask, though! :laughing:

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Petey (pic above) is well trained not to get on the bed/furniture. He stays on the ground but likes to be up close so I can pet him. Last 2 nights in Boston have been so cold that I would have welcomed him on the bed.

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Spending a few weeks in Michigan with these two sweeties!


@systaran how adorable, are they, siblings?

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Yes, brothers. They look almost exactly alike - just enough difference in color pattern to tell them apart.

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I thought that they looked remarkably similar - like seeing double! So cute :heart_eyes_cat:

We are still in Wilmington, North Carolina in the US but now my husband has started a sit with Louie while I finish up with Liza. This is the first time we’ve had an overlap of a few days and I must admit, after all the togetherness, I’m enjoying my few days of solitude! Photos of sweet Louie.


@Alice That last photo! :dog: I also like your behind-the-scenes action shot of how you get the perfect photo. I always end up with hundreds of blurry ones - they look away, walk away etc :rofl: lol

I enjoy crawling around and getting photos at floor level and for every decent shot I have a multitude of blurry, running away photos!

Thanks for sharing a bit of Liza with us @Alice. I’m looking forward to seeing beautiful pictures of Louie, too. :grinning:

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Thank you for sharing @Alice … what gorgeous photos, Liza is absolutely adorable! :dog::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Currently on the last 3 days of our chain of 4 sits that started on Dec 1, 2022 that has brought us to UAE, Germany, Netherlands and the UK plus quite a few cities in between during transitions and daytrips too. Ending it all with a week in London before flying back home to our hot and humid home country. Never thought I’d be so lucky to get sits that work out like this. So far, all hosts and cats have been wonderful. Only one place that was rather messy and dirty but we cleaned up the whole apartment real good and enjoyed the rest of our stay nevertheless (good thing it was only a 1br apartment) THS has been such a wonderful platform. I wish I can afford to travel like this all year long. LOL.


I’m in Germany not far from Dortmund and have done a handful of sits over the years through this and another site, plus before that for friends and friends-of-friends.

So far this is my very favorite!! I’m here for about 3 weeks and watching a small group of cats. I may put them all in my backpack and steal them when it comes to the end hahahaha.

But back to seriousness… the host is super nice and fast to respond, the apartment is cozy, and these cats are dreams come true.

I haven’t had pets since my eldest cat passed away and I started living as a nomad and while I love watching any domestic style animal I especially like cats… and I especially like super-duper attention wanting and clingy cats… and super talkative ones like my eldest and these ones are.

Both my own last kitties were loving sorts, one more independent but cuddly, the other couldn’t stand to not be with me and preferably always in contact with my body somehow. The former passed a few years before the last… and that sort of behavior is dear, dear, dear to my heart.

These ones are pushy about wanting cuddles when they want them, but also do their own thing and sleep a TON as they are older. They also need medication with being quite old and I have a soft spot and extra enjoy taking care of pets iwth special care needs.

So, I’m in a comfy house with the best kitty buddies I’ve had ever on a sit.

If the host ever needs a sitter again while I’m traveling Europe in the future I’m gonna be all, “OOOH, ME ME ME!!” lol.


Hi @RumpusParable

A very warm welcome to the forum. We are so pleased you have found us.
Thank you for your lovely, detailed introduction on your sit.

I think there will be members here who would love to pack the pets in their suitcase when they leave! Cats make that very easy to do, as many of the ones I have looked after, jump into my suitcase as I am packing! You can’t help loving them. :heart_eyes_cat:

Please add your profile link to your forum profile so other members can meet you, and please do share some kittie photos too. We would love to see them.

The way to add your profile link is here >> https://forum.trustedhousesitters.com/t/how-to-add-a-listing-or-profile-link-to-your-forum-profile

Where are you off to next?

Best wishes
Therese and the forum team.


Mt Tabor neighborhood of Portland, Oregon for ten days with Emma, an 8 yo blue Merle Aussie shepherd with almost lilac/silver eyes. She is a sweetheart who loves to go for rides in the car and play with balls.


Louie reminds me of a Doodle I know named Aiden. What a cutie patootie :purple_heart::paw_prints:


@toml Gorgeous dog! Sounds like she’s got Liz Taylor eyes. :blush:


Oh she is sooooo lovely and looks so chilled.


Hi @toml … what a beautiful dog! Looks like you are having a fab time in Oregon. :dog::blush:

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