Why can't we modify posts after a few days?

I often modify my posts as I’m not always sure it’s good english. I correct some mistakes when I find them later on. But after a few days I noticed it was impossible to change a post, we can only delete them (thanks Angela to have explained me the role of the bin…)
I don’t understand why for example I can’t change the title of my introduction. I would rather prefer to write 'hello from Provence". Much warmer.
On FB you can. Even weeks after the post has been published; You can even change a photo, delete only the photo.

I’m not sure at all I chose the right thread “feed backs and ideas” so it gives me another idea : why can’t we change the thread/topic when we published a post in the bad one ?


For the launch of the Forum, we wanted to go with a standard forum approach, before we start customising or adding our own functionality on top.

The assumption is that by editing or making changes at a later date then the thread below might not make any sense.



@Ben-Product That completely makes sense. From our perspective, as a thread progresses we often go back and read what we’ve written and see typos and grammar mistakes that make us cringe. Sometimes we catch them in time to change them, but many times we’ve disappointed that we missed the window and could no longer edit the post. We don’t have the intent of changing the meaning of our post, just correcting it.

Something to consider :thinking: :blush: