Why do I have reviewing by my live listing?

I have declined applicants, or applicants have cancelled, yet I have “reviewing” by my live listing, which seems to put it in the non available section when people search. I still need applicants, so have slightly changed the dates, but no effect, still does not come up in search.
What can I do, I am running out of time, before I need to go away.

Someone else will be able to help you more but I believe there is a separate step you need to do to reactivate your listing after declining applicants if you’ve reached 5.

Thanks for the reply. So where on the website does it tell you about this? I don’t recall seeing anything about 5 applicants maximum, or about steps to reactivate your listing. It’s a bit of a disappointment really. I used the site before but never came across this. Please any suggestions, it seems a waste of subscription if I cant use the site as intended.


I don’t know where it tells you as a home owner. I only found out about through the forum and one guy I applied to. They seem to have a great deal of push back to the policy but when anyone complains, they simply bury the comments in the waste file of their thread attempting to explain why. (As this post will likely be)
Look for something that says reactivate your listing. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will help.

Hi @Pebs, you will only receive 5 applications before THS automatically pauses your listing. Once you have declined unsuitable ones, you need to manually unpause your listing to receive more applications. This will show up on the left (I think) in your Inbox if using the website.

These are the instructions that TH provides. I have no idea if they are accurate though.

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When you get to five applicants, THS pauses the listing.
After you decline and have less than five again, you need to click the “UNPAUSE” button (near the top I think).


Thank you everyone for your responses. I have since unpaused my listing, and have started receiving applicants again. If I had known about the 5 applicants max, and my listing being paused, it would have saved me a lot of lost time and frustration. Maybe THS should make people more aware of this! I didn’t see it written anywhere in the details of “How things work”. Let’s hope it’s not too late to find someone suitable for little Pebs.:crying_cat_face: