Why do sitters choose not to leave a bad review even after they have received theirs - I feel let down by my fellow sitters

@CanadianSitter its a hard one isn’t it? I am sure lots of sitters would agree with what you say and quite right that if both the sitter review and HO feedback were published at the same time perhaps with no ‘wriggle room’ for either party to enter into a slanging match, it might illicit more useful comments for all concerned. I have completed over 80 sits and only now (and because I have solid reviews that would easily off-set one bad one) am feeling confident enough to detail the negatives; though I still wait for the HOs review before I post feedback and if they do not do a review I sometimes don’t post any feedback. I think its important to try and find positives from a sit and to mention those as it might help the HO take on board the negative and lift their game. I have given a three star review with lots of detail and prior contact with THS member services to ask they monitor the sit before referring sitters (which they agreed) and each time I give a honest and balanced appraisal, I like to think it is helping other sitters have a better experience because the HO has responded rather than reacted and if they are unable to do this, in the end they just make it a whole lot harder on themselves in finding a sitter. As I said though, leaving negative reviews is not easy, its not something any of us want to do…its a work in progress for me and good luck for yourself!


I got a “thanks for cleaning out my fridge!” (of 10+ year old condiments and various moldy food).


@Katie …that was brave of you Katie! Yes I have seen some pretty grim fridges over the last few years…I guess it goes with the territory! Here’s wishing you an easier run next time out!

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@Katie @carpediem … Ah fridges, there have been many I find the terms “Research Lab” and “Petri Dish” very useful terminology when describing some … not all of course.


@Angela-CommunityManager haha! yes and some David Atenborough could run a complete series on ‘Life In The Freezer’ or some similar title! As you say only a few!


my mother was a prof cook and she said never use soap in a frying pan it just needs to be wiped clean with clean kitchen paper

Good way to deal with that. I have had people accept me right off the bat without having so much as an email exchange. Slow down.


@carpediem @Angela-CommunityManager @Katie Hey sisters ! Can I be a member of your “let’s clean this fridge first” team ??!


I have cleaned so many fridges, sigh!


@travellingnomad yes i know that feeling!

Join now @Françoise-et-Youn perhaps someone can design an appropriate T Shirt?

“Do finish off anything that’s in the fridge”
But when I look and it’s perishables well out of date, do I

  1. thank them and bin the items as soon as they’ve left? or
  2. leave the items (assuming we’re only there for a few days) as a hint that we don’t eat well out of date food.
    I know there is much debate around the difference between labels such as “use by” and “best before” but would I risk finishing off, say, an opened pack of smoked salmon which should have been consumed 10 days ago? No thanks - having to walk the dog whilst suffering an upset tum is not my idea of fun.

Hello @Diggy
If it doesn’t stink I would leave it in the fridge (maybe they like stinky salmon, the same way we, french people, love stinky cheese ?).
If it is not even open I would just leave it in the fridge.

But I think there is a very different way of running your fridge depending which part of the world you leave in. We only sat twice for american people and I must say I was amazed by the amount of food that were in the fridge (most of it out of date !). For me cleanliness of the fridge is far more important than tidiness of the floor… but not easy to spy with a video call !! :face_with_monocle: :rofl: :innocent:


@Françoise-et-Youn yes a grubby fridge with out of date food really puts me off…and when you can’t even find space for your own food and then find the HO has not cleared one drawer or hanging space in the bedroom for you…I make a mental note not to go back…a little courtesy goes along way for any HO reading this who want sitters to do repeat sits and surely that works to your benefit as you don’t need to keep doing a first-time detailed hand-over, you can go away knowing that the place will be looked after because the sitter came before and left the place clean and tidy, AND most importantly your animals don’t have a string of people looking after them. You know it makes sense.


@Düsenzofe thank you and have a great day wherever you are.

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I try to remember to ask for empty shelves in fridges/freezers, hanging and drawer space, but sometimes I don’t if they have had numerous sitters with good feedback. Then I arrive frustrated at the lack of space and I always apply for larger houses to ensure some space.
I remember your comment in that HOs think you live in a cupboard. I also think that they assume you will not be bringing any clothes with you.


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Thank you for sharing this Colin

Love that idea!

I’m a little stupefied at some of the stories here and while people are joking about “team fridge cleaning” are sitters really expected to also be unpaid house cleaners?
The fridge and freezer should have been cleaned out and space made for the sitters food. This seems a common sense courtesy. Do situations arise so that this doesn’t get done for a sitter? Sure, but then the HO should apologize and explain the extenuating circumstances that prevented them from leaving an acceptable sitting situation.
Sitters should not be taken advantage of. Boarding an animal, hiring sitters and housekeepers who water gardens, take in mail, etc, are all ordinarily rather costly and here they receive these things at no cost.
These exchanges are supposed to be a win-win scenario, and many certainly are, but they all should be. There shouldn’t be this many stories of unpleasant and unacceptable situations.
I agree these should be a rating system that does not risk retaliation.