Why some sitters don't leave feed backs on their sits?

Interesting thread. We have never been on the sitting side but are owners. What surprises me the most is that owners would bring sitters into a filthy house!!! Inconsiderate and disgusting…


If one has a filthy house, one is probably not aware of the fact :confused:


@Saltrams that’s why I insist upon real comments on feed backs, if sitters had written “not a very clean house unfortunately”, may be the owner will be more aware …

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Thank you all for these comments. This thread has been really insightful.

Although it certainly won’t happen overnight, our review system is something we are looking to improve (for many of the reasons you have mentioned above), so please bear with us.

It’ really is so wonderful to read such important feedback being posted in such a positive manner. I can’t thank you enough :+1:


We’ll wait but this will be for sure a nice improvement (existing elsewhere)