Why some sitters don't leave feed backs on their sits?

I like information. When looking for a petsitter I read all of their reviews both for obvious remarks and possible coded language.

Same with looking for a housesit. If previous sitters don’t comment, then I assume that either the owners, the house or the pet were an issue. I would be unlikely to apply for the sit.

I welcome a private way to help a homeowner or a petsitter know how they could enhance the TH experience. Most often that’s about cleanliness or needed repairs (I petsat one place where both the toilet and the kitchen faucet were not functioning correctly). I have been guilty of leaving a 5 star review because I liked the location, pet or people, even though there were aspects that could have been approved upon. I’d rather let them know, privately.


Why can’t I leave a review for a sitter?

TrustedHousesitters Help Page Why can't I leave a review for a sitter? – TrustedHousesitters

"Reviews can only be submitted once a sit is over. You’ll need to wait one day after the sit has ended before you can leave a review

“If you still cannot see an option to leave a ‘review’ for a sitter in the ‘reviews’ section of your account, this may mean that the sit was not officially confirmed before it started. Both you and the sitter simply need to email [support@trustedhousesitters and confirm that the sit took place. We can then retrospectively confirm the sit on both accounts, then you can leave a review and also receive feedback”

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What if an owner has left an unfair review?

TrustedHousesitters Help Page … TrustedHousesitters help page What if an owner has left an unfair review? – TrustedHousesitters

"If you feel that you have received a review from an owner that is not fair or factual, you can dispute this by contacting us at [support@trustedhousesitters.com]

There is a 100% tamper-proof policy to ensure all reviews, feedback, and responses are genuine and reliable. This means members cannot remove or amend feedback or reviews. However, we may look to remove part or all of it, if it violates member guidelines, the Code of Conduct Policy or the Terms and Conditions policy.

You can find more information about providing reviews, feedback, and responses in our review and feedback guidelines, Acceptable-Use-Policy-V1-April-2018.pdf"

Hello @Sherri welcome to our community forum and thank you for referencing the Help Pages from the website, there are answers to members most commonly asked questions on the FAQ’s and Help Pages, so thoughtful of you to add then to the thread, thank you.

We’d love to know more about you and your THS story, enjoy connecting with other members and welcome again.

Angela & The Team

@Provence I can understand your discontent at not being informed about the dog’ failing condition . I would probably have told you after the first visit to the vet.
But I admit that my policy is not to tell owners about minor problems and let them enjoy their holidays in peace. I’m thinking of blocked drains, a visit to the vet due to a cat’s weight loss or a dog’s cut ear. I inform owners after we have solved the problem, or when there are complications that we can’t deal with on our own.
I rent out a flat in Paris myself and I can get very stressed out when I’m away and tenants send a message about problems!


As a sitter, I find it very difficult to leave negative reviews, especially since THS seems to be an enchanted world of 5-star reviews!
So when we are unhappy about the sit ( which only happened twice out of twenty plus), I don’t leave a review. By the same token, when I see sitters not leaving reviews I take it as a bad sign.
It would be much simpler if THS let us contact other sitters about their experience. We could be frank and also not vex owners!

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Hi @Jeanmarc
I have also been reluctant to leave a negative review but I did leave my last one 4* together with my reasons. I have done what you have done by not leaving a review if I wasn’t happy with the sit.
However, since joining the forum and reading everyone’s different experiences I now realise that I am not doing anyone any favours by not leaving a review. If you just use the website rather than the app, you would not know that any sitter had not left a review as the sitter wouldn’t show on the owner’s listing.
Fortunately there are more positive sits than negative but it is now apparent that it is not all an enchanted world of 5 star reviews. (I love your phrase)
Let us all start to review the sitting accurately, I certainly will.

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It’s not always a bad sign, some sitters don’t know it’s a thing. I had to ask two sitters to leave me feedback and one had to contact support to figure out how. I now have three five star reviews and lots of positive, detailed feedback, but I can see how it could have appeared otherwise. So maybe you shouldn’t write off all HO’s who don’t have feedback! It’s just not a great system… but that’s another topic.

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Ah, more complicated than I thought then… I hadn’t realised about sitters not leaving a review not appearing on the page.
I’d love to use code like “very nice house after cleanup “ or “the owner obviously knows her priorities “ ie stressed us out with rituals.
Anyway it’s fortunately exceptional for us not to want to leave 5 stars as most THS owners are just grand!