Wish you could see which of your favourites you had written to..

So recently I as HO have had to look for sitters- usually they approach us so that has been unusual… So I have been doing searches for people, marking them as favourites and then writing to them. However, I have had to approach so many its really hard to keep track of who you have written to- without going to inbox- and its hard to cross reference. it would be so good if when you clicked on someone who you have favourited in the ‘find a sitter’ page, it showed you if you had invited them already or brought up your communication with them/ or took you straight to your messaging with them in the inbox. it is embossing as I have accidentally re-invited people who have already declined me because there is nothing next to them on the ‘favourite’ to indicate that I have contacted them. … (also another strange thing is that favourites never show up under favourites on my PC- only on the app) . It’s not usually a problem except at the moment when I have had to approach so many sitters… (such a new experience in the last 9 years)