Withholding reviews for cash

I’m waiting to receive feedback from a petsit that I feel went well. Somehow along the way I was stupid enough to offer to kick in a little $$ for utilities and housekeeping. In hindsight I think this was an error because it looks like the HO is withholding a review until I do this. All in it isn’t a great sum. I’m not really happy with this because I have no intention of doing this until I get a review so we are at a bit of a stalemate although none of the parties has expressed as much. I feel leaving reviews is a basic part of the contract. I guess I worry that no feedback can be interpreted as bad feedback. Do you find this is the case? Either way it leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth after another successful petsit.

You agreed to stump up for utilities so the HO is well within their right to withhold their review until you contribute. It’s not fair to change your mind at this stage if that’s what you promised even if you regret it now @Petstuff #yourwordisyourbond


It was not the best idea to offer to pay utilities.

But once you agreed to pay utilities, they are within their rights to withhold their review until you pay so, or even leave a negative review if you don’t contribute at all.

In the future don’t offer to pay for things you don’t need to.


Forgive me, but I thought this wasn’t what this site was about. We’ve chosen not to holiday in the cold weather because of the cost of utilities so if the HO doesn’t want to pay for them whilst they’re away, then either stay home or put the animals in kennels. They should’ve declined.


Agreed @Elsa1 but in the THS Ts & Cs,
HOs can ask for utility contributions and if the HS agrees then it’s a done deal. We don’t like it and wouldn’t ever take a sit that asks for contributions ourselves. However, @Petstuff has already promised to pay towards the bills so at this stage of the sit process, they have to honour that agreement.


I never said that I don’t intend on paying. They also said they do intend on leaving a review. Is their word not their bond as well? Don’t assume. It’s not a lot of money. Its petty and crappy.

And I will, but I feel a review should be left first.

If they review you and you don’t pay, how can they reflect that in the review? You agreed and it’s up to you now whether you’ll pay as promised. Otherwise, they have no recourse.

Personally, there’s zero chance I’ll agree to pay utilities so I can look after anyone’s home or pets, but if I’d agreed, I’d expect to pay before the review. Sounds like you’re creating drama needlessly at this point, especially because as you say it’s a small amount.


Why? If they leave a review then good or bad, they have no comeback or leverage. Pay the utilities and know you’re on a level playing field.


What were you thinking about? This is so wrong. Just pay them and walk away with your head held high. A promise was made. You do realise you can’t see their review until you posted yours? (New policy). Lesson learnt.


Honestly, I would prefer if none of this was mentioned in the review because it has added an element of negativity that I could have done without. I also don’t want to be expected to pay the HOs utilities on future sits so would be more inclined to keep it out of the public record.

Yes, indeed, lesson learned. I’m sad that they are so distrusting they are holding this over my head. It’s very negative and I’m going to walk away from this situation.

@petstuff They are probably waiting for you to honor your agreement. I’m not sure why you would want them to review first. They could put in the review that you agreed to contribute to utilities and then refused to pay your share.

Personally, I would not take a sit that required a contribution for utilities. But, if you already agreed you should pay in a timely manner.


The title of this thread needs to change to something not misleading.

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Pay the utilities, but ask them not to mention it in their review so that future HO’s won’t expect it too.

Tick tock, the clock is ticking on this. You both only have 14 days to leave a review.


The longer you hold off paying your side of the bargain, the worse your review is going to be. You can’t see their review until you write yours so I honestly don’t understand what you are waiting for. You are digging yourself a hole you won’t be able to crawl out of by waiting. Honour your debt, pay up and move on.


@Petstuff - I think the title of this thread is very misleading .

You agreed to pay utilities and haven’t paid them . Based on the information you have provided so far you are in the wrong .

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THS terms require hosts to declare in their listings if they want to collect for utilities. And all sitters can avoid applying for such sits if they want to. So it doesn’t make sense to think that any hosts seeing reference to payment by you in one review would suddenly be able to charge you for utilities. You could report any host who didn’t make that clear in their listing and later tried to charge you.

It sounds like you made a deal that you now regret and are now making a thing of it when you should just suck it up, pay as you agreed to and learn to not make such deals in the future. Trying to paint these hosts as petty or such is not a good look for you.


I see, I wasn’t aware of this. Thank you for sharing.