Withholding reviews for cash

It doesn’t sound like they are withholding a review for money but that you haven’t fulfilled the agreement. Curious why you offered to pay utilities?

Honestly wish Sitters/Guests would not agree to pay utilities. They aren’t getting paid so the expectation they would pay anything doesn’t align with the THS concept of equitable exchange. Utilities would have to be paid anyway. the increase is slight and not just for the humans but the pets.

So HO hasn’t actually said they won’t leave a review until you pay what you offered to contribute towards utilities ?

So I am interested to know why you are assuming that this is the reason for no review

Maybe they just don’t do reviews ( have they previously left reviews for other sitters ? )

Have you already written your review ?
Under the new blind review system You won’t see their review until you submit yours and you both only have up to 14 days after the sit finishes to submit a review . After that deadline it’s too late for either member ti submit a review .

Aside from this you should honour your agreement and pay them the amount that you offered them as a contribution to utilities.

Maybe the HO is waiting for you to complete all your tasks before reviewing. And that final task is forwarding that payment that you offered.

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For my 2nd sit ever I paid car insurance to borrow their car. Since driving in the UK is much different than US, they got two tickets in the mail - they have cameras everywhere - for things I didn’t even know I did! I paid those tickets but still never received a review. I cleaned that house top to bottom, took great care of the animals and yard. Keep it simple is my tip.