Work being done on house whilst I am on a sit

Feeling very disappointed once again sadly.

Work is being done on the house I am currently staying in.

I agreed to do a sit where by I was advised that on one of the days that I would be there, that scaffolding may be put up around the house.

I agreed to this & said that would be fine.

The lady advised that they are waiting to get there roof re-done & they weren’t exactly sure when it was due to start but it would be very unlikely to take place whilst I was on the sit.

The day before I was due to arrive she advised that she had heard from them & they were due to start in a few days time.

So currently on the sit & the workers are here re-doing the roof.

It is noisy & not relaxing & I feel frustrated & sad.

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Hi @Fluffball I will DM you …