Would you be concerned about someone barely being home?

Hi @traxorasaurus
It seems you have external cameras…
But this got me a bit confused…there are no interior cameras…correct?

Thanks for your update…
And I agree that THS is overnight in the home unless otherwise discussed and agreed for a minimal variation.

No interior cameras – I just know that if I didn’t get a ‘vehicle’ notification, nobody is in the house so I press a button on my phone to feed the cats.


I don’t think your cats are getting the care they deserve. And I don’t think everyone in the system love animals. In fact, my mother in law is retired and has seen our family do petsits all last summer throughout the Western United States and now we are doing a catsit in Singapore. She mentioned to me a while back that maybe she should sign up for THS too because she wants to travel like we are. I said, “please don’t sign up. You hate animals. This system is not meant for people like you”. It didn’t occur to her that there is quite a big responsibility to care for these animals and to be in the property enough to give them companionship. My daughter caught her once secretly blowing a dog whistle behind her opened window because the neighbor’s dog was barking. Really? And she thinks she can be a pet sitter?


A sitter doesn’t get paid so should be free to continue with their life/other rover bookings which do pay them. I can’t see why an unpaid sitter would apply, accept the sit, and then have the inconvenience of having to pop in all the time. Are they staying the night at your house?

I addressed this in the other parts of my thread – read the bulleted post above.

I was so sad to hear this story! I’m sure people are using this service to get free travel and not consider that it comes with the responsibility of caring for the home and the inhabitants (pets!!) in the way that the respects the owners wishes.
While this hasn’t been a traumatic experience, it’s been very disappointing and I’m hoping to discuss it with the HS, get in touch with support here at THS, and leave an honest review about my experience so that expectations are set for others.

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Yes, and perhaps for the next time, ask more questions and relay more info about the type of sitter and what you are looking for. In my application, I tell the pet parents that their home will be occupied each and every night and the fact that we work and homeschool remotely so we will be at the house most of thd day to take care of their pets

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Sorry I somehow missed that! Yes, having read all the details it sounds like your sitter has other priorities in town (visiting friends or family maybe?) and is using your place as a hotel, with the cat caring as an obligation on the side. I hope you leave transparent feedback at the tail end so we can all be warned as to this type of sitter. I hope your cats are happy and ok when you get home.

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So frustrating. I’m sorry you are dealing with this, and with some comments above that suggest it’s your fault because you weren’t specific enough :roll_eyes: You should not have to specify in your listing that the THS housesitter stays at your house overnight, spends time with your pets and gives them needed medication, responds truthfully to requests for updates, and is present enough at your home to make sure all is well. That’s literally the role of a Trusted Housesitter. I would definitely report to Member Services. This level of neglect is unacceptable. Sitters are human, things aren’t always perfect, but this one sounds like they are abusing the ‘good faith’ system and they don’t belong here. Thank goodness you have a remote auto feeder for your kitties! I hope that, despite this sitter’s apparent negligence, all is well when you arrive home. Please keep us posted.


Thank you for saying that – there have been moments in this thread where I’ve felt like I’m the one in the wrong and having to defend myself, but I’m glad things are cleared-up and it seems I need to leave an honest review and get in touch with Member Services.

Just so everyone is aware, the HS showed up more than 6 hours late to feed and medicate them having not stayed overnight, which means they’ll almost certainly puke it back up once their autofeeders go off later (they’re spaced so they get a healthy stream of food and excitement).


Definitely report them.

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@traxorasaurus it’s up to you if and when you report the matter . However if you choose to do so there is no need to wait until the end of the sit to report these serious issues to member services .


Thanks for the clarification. Sorry if my initial remarks sounded dismissive, but your complaints sounded vague and like you were upset that the sitter was staying out late and doing paid work.

I don’t think you should wait, however. It sounds like you have contacted the sitter before, but in your shoes, I’d be super specific in emphasizing the need for feeding and medication times. And ask for a photos that day of the cats as you missed them and want to make sure they are okay.

I would try not to sound as frustrated by this as you clearly are because then the sitter will assume that you’ll be writing a bad review, and the review is still leverage. But I would be very direct and make it about the cats.

This is a terrible sitter, and they should be kicked off THS.

I’m a sitter, and I’m mortified by your sitter’s behavior.

I’m especially sorry for your cats. :sweat:

Thank you in advance for writing an honest review about them.

And please know that there are thousands of excellent sitters on THS.
Many of us actually specialize in cats. (as opposed to the sitters who specifically apply for cat sits because they think cats are “so independent,” and an “easy” pet sitting gig… and then they neglect the cats.)


Please report them. People like this should not be on THS. They are not trusted, and they are not doing any house sitting. They should be kicked off THS, but I won’t be holding my breath. THS are very reluctant to do this for some reason (money)

Thanks for everyone’s responses – I’m working with Member Support who are being very helpful. I’m hoping that this won’t happen to other folks in the future, and I’m going to be very clear in future interviews, my listing page, and my welcome guide about the expectations of the sitter.


I’m really glad to hear that Membership Services is helping you out @traxorasaurus, and I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with this added anxiety while you’re away from home.

A big thank you to everyone who has popped into the discussion to share their advice and support.



@traxorasaurus thanks for the MS update…


We are very responsible sitters and, except for hiking for part of the day, spend lots of time with our ‘charges’, so this would probably not be an issue with us. However, this question really bothers me.

As a sitter, my first question is, “How do you KNOW that the sitter isn’t spending much time there?”. Do you have surveillance cameras? If so, did you make the sitters aware of them?

Our privacy is something that we value very highly. If you as a HO don’t trust me enough to take care of your home and pets without watching me, then I’m sorry, you don’t deserve to have me as a sitter.

THS exchanges should be built on trust. If that doesn’t exist, then there’s a completely different dynamic going on, one that resembles an employer/employee or even a master/servant relationship. Again, sorry, I’m not anyone’s servant.

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Hello. Sorry. I didn’t read your post all the way through. If the existence of your cameras was clearly marked and described in the welcome guide, then you have given the sitters fair warning. It’s their decision. If they agreed to do the sit, then they agreed to be surveilled. (By the way, I do also think that they are not living up to THEIR commitment and that their review should reflect this.). Good luck.