Would you be concerned about someone barely being home?

Thanks for reading and I appreciate your insights.

To be clear, I definitely do not see the HS as someone who must be at my every whim, but I do see it as a housesitters responsibility to follow feeding schedules and stay overnight at the property. I don’t mind if they get home at 12, 1, 2, etc., but I do mind if they get back at that time and haven’t fed the cats until the early morning the day prior.

As I said in other comments, I get a ping on my phone when people come and go. Usually I just ignore it, but this time within 2 days I noticed that literally nobody was at home and the cats hadn’t got fed, so I grew concerned. Then it happened again, and again. This hasn’t happened with previous housesitters or petsitters, I’ve just swiped up when the notification came in.

I agree that THS should be built on trust and, in this instance, it is my trust that has been broken, not that of the housesitter. I gave them full instructions prior to the visit, made them aware of the cameras for safety, and even gave them a holiday gift to welcome them into the home. That trust has been abused, and my review + discussions with member services will reflect that.


You’re absolutely right! The sitters have broken your trust, and you SHOULD be outraged.

I’m sorry I replied without reading your posting until the very end. When I saw that you had included the cameras in your welcome guide and that the sitters were aware of them, then that changed my entire perception of the matter. Mea culpa.

Please do make a comment on your review because not only do you not want other homeowners being misled in future, but also because behaviour like these sitters’ reflects badly on all of us.

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There is no way that I would agree to this kind of surveillance.

It should be sufficient that you get a ping when I send you a photo of the pet.


I normally turn my notifications off. I’m on vacation and want to make sure I’m present and enjoy my time away but I can understand why you would if your cats needs to given medication.
I hope you also write an honest review for as a Ho I would not want to have them as sitters.

P.s. the times when I’ve turned my notifications on is when I get a weird vibe or they did/say something that made me question my trust in them. Happened almost a year ago. I turned my notifications on after that for that sitter and the next one (I think my bad experience left me with PtSD for a few months).

@traxorasaurus, is this a single sitter or a couple? If the latter, might it be possible that one person is going out whilst the other stays in?

Please dont let this experience put you off using THS. We spend the majority of our sit time with the animals (night and day) as it’s what we most enjoy about doing this. It sounds like you’ve just picked someone who can talk the talk but not walk the walk!

Once you know your kitts are okay, do please write an honest, factual review.

Try to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

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I recently had this same issue with someone I hired off Rover.com. I could see when she came and went by my doorbell. When I tried talking to her about it she was rude and said that she was taking care of the animals, even though it may not be by my expectations they were not suffering. That was the last straw and I got in my car and drove 9 hours to get home. I fired her 10 minutes before I pulled into the driveway so she wouldnt have time to make another key or destroy my house or worse yet leave all my animals stranded. Things aren’t always what they seem when we interview someone, it changes when they have the run of the house. Fortunately my animals were ok and I cleaned up the house.

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Yep, my notifications are usually off, but I always leave them on first day just in case the person has difficulty getting in and there are issues with the alarm (my alarm company will call me and I can just check the doorbell cam real quick to say ‘yep, all good!’).

Individual sitter, so nobody else in the house!

I didn’t get a ping with any updates or photos of the pets, so your point is moot.

Please read my other comments. The last thing I ever want to do is check in on people, but if I’m not hearing anything from someone and there’s nobody at my house, then my alarm bells are going to ring.

I’m too busy to be sitting down looking surveiling people. I was on vacation.

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@Cruizn sorry you had to but so glad you did! Boom!

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Howdy…could you somehow keep TPTB in the loop on the cancelations and perhpas a tracking? :thinking:

For security purposes it makes sense, but also, in your case, it is revealing of the sitter right?

I forgot that I do have my notifications on for late at night, the same for our garage and front door lock. From the bad experience I had when someone left my dog alone overnight and I couldn’t get a hold of this person for several hours. I have had trust issues after that. For the most part, however, I’ve had good experiences with THS.

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This certainly sounds like a definite breach of the THS meaning that YOU are there for the animals and not for a free to put it plainly dosshouse or airbnb. Coming home past 4 in the morning and leaving before 9 IS NOT there for the pets. its just out partying and having a place to crash before on to the next party. This makes me so mad to read. And if this person is NOT using the alarms and also lying to you about their time in the house that is just report worthy.
The cats on my sit this Christmas have been lucky I got the flu on the day i arrived so its been one big bed and settee fest for them and me. But if you are having to actually distance feed your own cats I would report this asap to THS as this is definitely profiting from free accomm. And probably someone who joined thanks to one of the many ads on travels sites recommending THS as “ a way get to free accommodation while you travel the world” with no regard for the cats.:rage::rage::rage:


@traxorasaurus what advice did member services give you ?

Hello, @HelloOutThere Jenny is out of the office for a couple of days so I am happy to help :slight_smile:

The product team are looking at ways they can help with cancellations and we have passed on many forum ideas such as showing cancellation rates on members listings and profiles. We can’t guarantee anything but should the forum team hear of any updates then we will share them here! Thank you for wanting to make sure this important issue was shared across the company!
Happy Holidays :smiling_face:

It’s great to see that @traxorasaurus had so much support from the forum community. Thank you to everyone on this thread!

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I am a cat owner and sitter and if I was in this situation as the owner, I also would be concerned and distraught. As a sitter, I work from home and my main appeal (or one of them) is that I literally am home all day with them, can have eyes on them all day and play with them. I am a firm believer that cats don’t do great for long stretches without their human or sitter interactions. I am angry at this sitter for being - IMO - neglectful of these cats honestly. Let alone not giving you proper updates and answers to your questions. I would have my neighbors go in and check on them, that’s how upset I would be, so I validate your concern for sure.

As a sitter, I literally thought housesitting included/meant that we stay the nite and live in the home. It’s precisely why we are not drop-in sitters, right? So the fact that you assumed they would be sleeping there makes sense to me, and the fact that they are not is weird. Some cat owners will state that we can take overnights for travel if we want to and the cats will be okay, but I’ve never done that and probably wouldn’t anyway b/c I consider the house and pets my responsibility, even in the free exchange. (I’m also a paid sitter locally - housesits & cats only)

All of this to say - I hope you leave a very honest review and I hope they are more considerate of their responsibilities next time around!


You are completely right they should be staying there overnight. I wouldn’t expect a HO to spell out what that meant . Generally with cats if we went out for the day we would be back in time for their evening meal and meds if needed. We wouldn’t generally go out again until the next day. If we did go to an evening event we would be around in the day time. If we have agreed daily photos and contact with HO then that would happen. I hope this gets resolved and you can enjoy the rest of your trip and rest assured this is odd behaviour and most sitters would not dream of not being there at night.

Thank you for all of your feedback folks, this post helped me evaluate my feelings and, being back home with the pets, there was definitely some issues with their feeding times, etc.

I’m working with member services to resolve this issue and make sure that it doesn’t happen to other folks in the future.


Update here, it turns out my instinct was right and the HS had double booked a paid housesit with housesitting my property and was booked up with pet sits too. There was nothing in their past review history, our discussion, etc., that would’ve indicated this kind of behavior and I’m 100% certain I’m the only person during this period who noticed. There’s no way of me notifying the person on the other service.

I can’t figure out why someone would do this, but member services are helping out and it feels like we’re moving towards a resolution.


Maybe because they committed to your sit first and then landed a paid sit, which they didn’t want to pass on, despite having made a commitment to you — some people’s word is worthless and they’ll do whatever meets their needs or preferences, unfortunately. Sometimes they get away with it and that emboldens them.

To me, such people are clearly untrustworthy for THS purposes and should be booted off the platform, which is supposed to operate on trust.