Would you cross a border with an animal you sit when a lockdown is announced?

I 'm supposed to sit next october in Switzerland and look after a puppy who will be 5 months old
During our chat conversation yesterday with the owners (THS members, @Angela), who plan to spend holidays in Portugal, I asked them : "if I’m aware a lockdown suddenly happens, could I take your puppy with me and return to my home, in the south of France, crossing the border in order not to be blocked myself in Switzerland, and not leaving of course your puppy alone.

Did you face such a situation ? Knowing you had time yourself to be back in your country when the owners could face more difficulties to come back (further location, problem of flight).How long have you kept the pet(s), who picked him/her/them ? the owners or were you obliged to drive the pet(s) back ??

We were on a sit in Italy last year when the country went into lockdown and we were forced to return home a week earlier than the sit was set to end. The HOs quickly confirmed friends to care for the pets until their return so we could leave asap.

I now ask HOs to have a backup plan in case they are delayed returning and we cannot extend our stay or, if we have to depart early.

This couple may change their mind but they did not speak about me having to leave the puppy somewhere in a friend’s home if i have to go and they are not back yet.
I was the one who suggested to take the puppy with me and keep her. I suggested that plan. The sit is short, one week. I cross my fingers no new lockdown will happen. But reading adventures during the Covid on this forum made me think about that…

I don’t think I’d ask to take the animal with me. I’d ask if they had a back up in case a lock down happened and you had to leave. If they didn’t, then maybe ask? But I’m curious how you get the pet back to them once they arrive home? Who knows how long you’d be caring for it at your own home.


With the correct paperwork it was possible for UK motorhomes to travel through Spain and France to return home throughout the whole pandemic. I assume the same would be true returning home to France from Switzerland. This would seem easier than having a dog in the wrong country.
If you are genuinely worried about this, don’t take the sit