Would you let your car to a sitter?

You’re wrong. I’ve done 43 house swaps since 1988 perfect strangers came to our Paris flat when swapping homes was not fashionable. Internet did not exist. Then i swapped our second home then the home where we live. Good experiences Then i let my pets in strangers’ hands.
You can’t kill anybody with a home you can do a lot of harm with a car which in bad hands can become a weapon.
Insurances vary in countries.

I’m sorry you feel I’m “wrong” because I have described a different experience/scenario than maybe you have experienced?

I have completed 20+ sits internationally and domestic, for domestic sits I use my own vehicle, for international sits, if a vehicle is available I am more than happy to pay additional insurance & mileage costs with appropriate host dialogue. Having a vehicle available is naturally an attractive option when looking for international sits, its not an expected option.

I acknowledge that insurance arrangements are different in many countries, my point was if the host is unwilling to “trust” the sitter with their vehicle then why engage them at all?

If complex, expensive or other insurance regulations prevent sitters using the host vehicle that is nothing to do with trust and is entirely a separate issue.


Martin, again i may trust perfect strangers to live in my home and look after my pets. But i don’t feel confortable about people driving my car when they are used to automatic vehicles or used to drive on the left side of the road.

I don’t feel fine when i drive in Uk i much prefer to rent a car . If i’m involved in an accident the insurance will cover the damages. But the home owner does not risk to find his car damaged on his return…

I exchanged cars in the past doing a swap with a canadian family. I had an accident. I was responsible and the swapper who had told me his insurance would cover potential damages decided i had to pay for the repair (and the repair of the car i had smashed). The bill was higher than the cost of a rental car.
It was my first accident responsible in 40 years…
So since then i rent and don’t use home owners’ véhicules
I do trust people often. But not for everything.

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Yes and we have done. We are quite rural
Our car is available to take the dogs to the beach and if necessary to the vets.
I don’t think many hire car companies let dogs in their cars.
Also our senior blind dog is very used to walking in to our HRV
Insurance in Oz covers unnamed drivers but an extra excess applies if an accident occurs.

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As both a homeowner and a sitter, I think as long as the driver is qualified and insurance is all sorted it’s no problem to include a vehicle with the sit.

I’ve lent my car to people here in Canada as my insurance covered them. However when a lovely homeowner in the UK tried to lend me her car for a month long sit last year, we had great difficultly finding insurance coverage so it wasn’t possible. I ended up buying a car the last time I was in the UK as I planned to stay for 5 months… it’s still sitting in a family members driveway as I had to come back to Canada due to Covid but that’s another story!

Ultimately it depends on the situation and level of trust the homeowner and sitter have in each other. As a sitter, it is a much appreciated gesture although never expected unless there are certain tasks that require it. As a homeowner, I am trusting someone to look after my home and animals, which mean much more to me than my vehicle. If I don’t trust them enough to take care of my home and animals, then I have a much bigger problem!


Yes we always do, we have an old car for driving in the mundi (woods) and offroad, which they can use. It works very well. They pay for the fuel.

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I never allow my sitters access to my car. My insurance company has very clear liability policies. I always tell my sitters that they will need their own transportation. I do have three bikes for them to use and that has worked out really well for my out of country sitters. We have a free trolley service that has a bike platform. The sitters ride to the trolley and then get on and off along the route. I did have one sitter arrive by bus so i offered to pick her up at the bus stop about an hour away. If the request is reasonable, i accommodate. I have also picked up sitters at the local airport. Most of the time however, that is where they get a rental car. It always works out without me having to loan out my car


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We live in a pretty rural area in Alaska, USA, where you absolutely need a car. Not only for getting groceries or sightseeing, but also in case of an emergency to go to the vet with the dogs. Our first sitters rented a car, but I got more and more questions about having a car ready to use for the sitters. We called our insurance company and got an okay from them. Now most of the times leave one of our cars for the sitters. Also if they want to take our dogs for walks where they have to drive to they almost always have to use my car since rental car companies usually don’t allow animals. And two Golden Retriever shed a lot, no way to hide this from a rental car company.


I may accept in the future to use the owner’s car as i ignored rental compagnies refuse dogs (what about a taxi in case of need to go to a vet?).
As an owner my sitters can go on foot to a vet If necessary. 300 meters from our home.

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No, I would not let sitters use the car… we don’t go abroad and therefore the car usually comes with us when we go away, which only leaves the campervan at home and we would not be happy letting people drive that. If we take the van and leave my car, it is a fairly new and expensive car which again I would not be happy letting strangers drive. The other problem is that we live in an area with very narrow lanes on which people might not be happy driving a strange vehicle. Furthermore, because of Enya’s troubled first 10 months of life, a stranger would not find it easy to get her into the campervan and she would be very stressed to be in it without us.

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We’ve used the owner’s car twice but I’m never very comfortable with the idea. We always have a rental car for our trips and so it’s not usually necessary but once we were looking after 4 large dogs in England and we had to use their car to take the dogs to walk. The owners put extra insurance on the vehicle and had my husband send copies of his licence etc.

The other time was in the US and it was very much appreciated at the time because it meant we didn’t need to rent a car for the 3 weeks we were there. (We’ve found car rentals in US a lot more expensive that where we’ve travelled in Europe.)

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We are experienced international house sitters. In all but two sits our home owners have kindly provided vehicles for us to drive, especially where animal care is involved. The two sits where it was not possible was one in France (their car was very old) and the other in the UK (insurance not available). If a vehicle is offered, we take it upon ourselves ask the owners to double check with their insurance companies for requirements. In all cases, we provide our driver’s licences, international driver’s licences and a record of no claims for the last five years from our insurance company even though their insurer may not require these documents.

We really appreciate having a vehicle provided as it enhances the sit for us. Many car rental companies do not allow animals and we feel it’s always better to transport them in a vehicle they are used to. Naturally, we take great care and make sure we are knowledgeable of the traffic rules for the country or locale. Everyone we have sat for has encouraged us to get out and explore which we fully appreciate.