Would you

Accept a sit when the HO
States only food that they have made and frozen.
To be used.
In the curtain situation would you accept this.
If the Ho is stuck in another country etc
Has only frozen enough food for the time they are away

I’d like to respond but don’t quite understand the question. Can you explain a bit further? Thanks.

Home owner prepares food and freezes it.
The pets aren’t allowed any other food
Only what is in freezer.
2 weeks supply for them prepared.
Due to the current situation cov19 etc
What do you do if they are stuck in another country.

Well first I’d ask the homeowners if I can prepare a new batch of food for them - what ingredients are needed, etc. if it’s something special or ask if there is an alternative for them to eat. I’d probably ask this upon accepting the sit.


I would probably ask them to prepare a little extra in case they are delayed. I can’t imagine that the homeowner would not reimburse the sitter for pet food if they are delayed and run out.