Wrong location - Indonesia

I have been looking (Dreaming) at some far off places today in sit listings.

There is one which from the description is clearly on Bali, Indonesia, but the map location is about 1000km out, on the island of Sulawesi.

Both have a town/area called Seminyak which is probably the reason for the mistake, however, it could be a bit confusing IF I was actually able to travel, or for any sitters in Indonesia.

Is there any way you can contact the HO to correct the listing @Angela-CommunityManager


Thanks @Petermac will flag this to MS and they can amend …

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Could you DM the listing link to me please?

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I so envy you your Asia Pacific sits. I’ve had 1 on Jeju Island that was a delight - even though I almost got stranded as flights were being cancelled because of covid.
The world will get better.


Tom, South Korea is on my list. There are/were quite a few sits there, usually of a month or so in the summer, so hopefully will get there eventually.

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So you were not able to amend this? It kind of makes a joke of the search function if a sit is 1000km out.

Hi @Petermac it was passed over to the MS team I will follow up with them … thank you.

This is now my next sit!! :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

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