Yardwork: How much is too much?

Currently 4 applications!!!

Buyer (Sitter) beware!!!

ridiculous. I don’t understand why people would let others exploit them that way.
They probably didn’t read the profile.


Where is that sit?

Arganil, Portugal

It has gone into reviewing status.

Just to throw it out there. We would genuinely apply for that sit if we were looking in Portugal right now @PetSitterBug @BunnyCat & others. Property looks stunning and if you like being outdoors then the workload seems okay. They’ve also been super upfront on responsibilities so it’s out there from the start. I’ll caveat that with, we used to have a property maintenance company ourselves. Their reviews are excellent too. #curiouserandcuriouserthoughtalice

The property is indeed stunning but from the description it seems like they are asking a lot. Asking us to create a work schedule seems a lot like a job to us?
Plus the need to use power tools and a chainsaw is a deal breaker for us.

@Cuttlefish - yes the place looks amazing and they are upfront about responsibilities and duties.
My only concern would be that no previous sitters mention the workload, only the cats, home and location. One couple worked remotely as well so surely they had limited free time to do the land work as well.
Perhaps the work is a new responsibility for the listing.


Yes you could well be right @Twitcher :thinking:

There’s always a first time @Cuttlefish :joy:

Don’t those viewings (for which one needs to use that grass trimmer constantly) go against the third-party rule?

Also: the photos look like realtor photos to me. Wasn’t there a rule against that?

Bring it on. We have downsized to a two bedroomed apartment with a courtyard garden. I miss a big garden. I miss cutting grass. I miss tending greenhouse plants. I just miss the whole outdoor routine.
Yet again, it’s finding the correct fit.


@ElsieDownie oh I’m with you 100% on that! :raised_hands: I try now to do sits on at least a good sized outdoor area. I’m a “potterer” I potter around the yard and gardens, even if it’s just to simply look at things. How plants, flowers etc are growing etc, it’s very calming feeling grass beneath your feet :sunflower:


Saw that one.

Read it out loud to my husband and we laughed.

Then kept scrolling!

@ElsieDownie Totally agree. We moved from a house in the UK with a large garden to an apartment with a terrace in Barcelona. We actively seek sits with gardens to tend so it really does depend on the sitter - it is a very personal choice. I guess the problems arise when the tasks are not clear from the outset and people then feel taken advantage of which I totally understand. In all the sits we have done we have offered to look after gardens, and on one occasion, an allotment a little distance from the property (but walkable). None of the owners though have expected that we would be unpaid gardeners but were delighted when we offered.

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Yes, @THSForumUser, good idea. If it was included in the guidelines, it avoids the sitter having to deal with a very awkward situation where the HO is clearly attempting to exploit through pressure, last minute. We could then say with neutral firmness that we cannot and refer to the guidelines.

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This really is a common issue. I see some large scale homes, with farms, many indoor/ outdoor animals, with the expectation that sitters stay at the home most of the day for free. I always wish TH would flag these types of listing. They should pay people for these types of expectations.

I just had this happen and it so upsetting. I always ask about responsibilities not listed the profile. In the case I was told no and assured that the garden watering would be reviewed ahead but be minimal. Now here, I was told that they want grass cut weekly and most of the plans need daily watering, harvesting, etc. I have NEVER cut grass. This was something I hired for in the past. And when I said hey, we didn’t discuss this before they also blew it off. I want to leave it, but in trying to avoid a negative review I will take care of it this time. In future I will list on my profile I don’t do lawns. I feel taken advantage as it’s a big detail to leave out when so much info was provided about other things. Also I really think some host think sitters are domestic servants. If communicated ahead and both parties agree fine. I think so many host forget about this process being a mutual benefit. Hope you also have an easier time with such conflicts in future.

What may be too much for one may be just right for another bear.
Back in my peak I used to swing a chainsaw, perks of living in the woods and dealing with hurricanes.
Love and let live.
People can make their own choices. You do well to ask about anything that would be a hard stop before agreeing to a sit.


@Amparo I am unsure if you are referring to @PaperStan post or just in general. In PaperStan’s situation he/she did ask about the responsibilities involved ahead of confirming. It was only when they arrived at the sit the extra work was revealed to them. They feel pressured into carrying out the extra work or perhaps being marked down in the review.
I agree with you that the work may not be onerous for some sitters but they should know what is involved before confirmation so they are able to make an informed decision.


My response is in general. We on occasion may see a listing that may seem ludicrous to some or most but that doesn’t mean they should not create and post their listing.
There are people that may really love that type of experience as odd as it may seem and we should not critique or make judgements based on what we may never deem acceptable. I am expressing this because it happens here often enough and I feel that could be discouraging others from posting needs or engaging in constructive discussions.
Wholeheartedly agree that these extreme circumstances or expectations should be out in the open and not left to casual after thoughts.

And in the US anyone can purchase and use a chainsaw.