York, UK, for food lovers

I am a follower of a YouTube channel called SORTEDfood. The concept is one chef, ‘Ebers’, who is up against three ‘normals’ - Jamie, Barry, and Mike. These normals are supposedly everyday home cooks, but are certainly more knowledgable than most people I know.

Today was a particularly interesting show as they travelled by train from London to York, UK. You can enjoy an entertaining and informative trip around all the eating spots and food shops recommended to them by their Twitter followers. They then travel back to the filming studio and compete against each other, using ingredients they bought on their trip.

I’m a fan of this channel and have learned so much from it. Those who may be planning a visit to York should not miss this video. @KarenS-Moderator, I hope you watch it. :yum:

Video: 400 Mile Cooking Challenge


Thank you @Snowbird I shall check them out generally. I have a friend who loves cooking and am sure he’ll be interested too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Snowbird Thanks. York is my home city although haven’t lived there for nearly 15 years now! I’ll check it out.

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Thank you @snowbird! Right up my alley :woman_cook:

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@Snowbird I’ll have to check this out too. Like @richten1, York is also my home city, although I haven’t lived there for over 25 years

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