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Welcome & Getting Started

Welcome to our community of pet people! Find all the tips and tricks you need to get started on your journey with TrustedHousesitters.

Sitter Questions, Advice & Chat

Connect with sitters to discuss everything sit, from questions and advice to swapping stories with other members.

Owner Questions, Advice & Chat

Connect with pet parents and homeowners to ask questions, offer advice, and share stories of your experience.

The Love of Pets

Celebrate your favorite furry friends with heartwarming stories and cute pet pics, we want them all! Find advice on pet products and share your tips on care and training with our community of pet people.

Meet-ups & Travel

Organize meet-ups with other members, find out about their upcoming travel plans, and share your unique travel tips.

Fun Stuff

This is the place to share off-topic conversations and random discussions about all the good stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

Last Minute Sits

Share last minute sits that are due to start within the next seven days with our community of pet people.

Product Updates

This is the place to find the latest Product updates from the THS team.

THS News & Feedback

The place to find company news, share your feedback and suggestions to make your experience even better.