Advice requested for a better house sitting experience

Fully with you on this one @mars
Personally we would love the opportunity to connect with a past sitter before beginning a housesit and would absolutely enjoy passing on relevant info/tips about sits we’ve completed. Some of that would be about the sit itself (house, pets, owners) and the other would be about the local area, tips for finding the best shops, attractions, transport options etc. A Housesitter and Homeowner see the world through slightly different eyes so that opportunity to engage can add significant value and therefore enhance the success of a sit for both sitter and owner.
No reason why it couldn’t apply to both Homeowners and Housesitters
And yes it would have to be done with consent to avoid any privacy concerns. ‘All’ it would need is a tick box in the sitter profile and some mechanism on the site (perhaps in the review field) to make the connection happen?

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