Advice requested for a better house sitting experience

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Gotta say I agree with this. Having to be contacted by other members and having the responsibility of responding feels like an additional “membershp” responsbilitity. I don’t want to feel like I failed a sitter because I wasn’t there to give them a reference or get back to someone. That is what reviews are for, and mine tend to be detailed.

Regarding the OP, it sounds like they had a great first experience – including the dog’s being washed! And maybe the other two experiences were a little disappointing – no vacuuming! Not sure what can be done. THS does send out reminders to sitters. I have small apartment so I don’t think clean up is much of a burden, but I do include a short “exit” checklist. It’s partly stuff like where to leave the keys and the used linens, but also mentions “a quick vacuuming”. I think if you keep the tasklist short and simple, it’s more likely to get done. Of course I check reviews and references regarding cleanliness as well.

I will say that I think some people on both side of the equation are “house blind” and really don’t notice this stuff. Things may get done but maybe not up to the someone else’s standards. My main priorities are the pets and a general sense of not returning to chaos.

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@KenandMary1998 In Australia, it is very common to have evaporative air conditioning which DOES require windows and exterior doors to be open a little to allow warm, moist air to escape and prevent condensation. It just depends on where you live and the type of air conditioning unit you have as to whether windows need to be opened.


@temba We’re in the U.S.

I know @KenandMary1998!

I agree. I don’t consume coffee or alcohol, dairy products, and a few other things, so milk, bread and eggs wouldn’t do anything for me. I have been left gift cards which is perfect.


I’m a sitter. This past summer, my husband and i were invited back to a sit not long after we had completed the first sit. Due to a family situation my husband had to leave early from the second sit so i did all the cleaning. The home owner was super happy with the cleaning after the second sit. She said this in the review and sent me a personal text.

We had cleaned the same for the first sit but because my husband was helping we split up the duties. I think he has a different view of clean. I now come behind him after every sit to check if his idea of clean matches mine.

People have different ideas of what clean is. Being super clear about what your idea of clean is very important.


I sit too. Sometimes with my spouse. I think you might be speaking for many sitting duos!

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My OH is ex-military and I have to remind him that it is not a ‘bull’ night and no-one is coming to inspect when he is still polishing the bathroom and I have cleaned the rest of the house already! He just can’t help himself :joy: :joy: