Availability calendar

I attach what I can see. I use dark mode in my computer so that could be why I see nothing, but an owner claims I’m marked available in mid-August when I’ve got a sit booked already.

Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 20.49.10.png

Hi again @Lauraa - here’s a screenshot of what I can see on your account. Which are the dates you are booked that are showing incorrectly according to the owner?

Secondly, can you try viewing in non-dark mode just to see if this is the same? If it is we can let the team see how the dark mode affects the availability.

I will get back on this for you in the morning (Euro time).


She invited me for 13-20 August, having said she could see I’m available.
I don’t need or want the calendar, so it doesn’t matter that the TH software doesn’t accommodate dark mode.

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I’m guessing it was because the 13th was free, although it does clearly show the following days booked… perhaps she misunderstood. No worries re dark mode if you aren’t using the calendar, although I will let the product team know as this may be affecting other members who do use it in dark. Take care and all the best.