Cats fed 3 x or more a day

Poor cats. So many are obese now. It’s terrible for their health.

No not at all she was making sure he just eat very small meals a few times a day.

We did a sit where the cat had a bad habit of eating all his food super quickly and then vomiting it back up. To avoid this, the homeowner asked us to feed him a small amount of his meal, then wait 20 minutes and give him a little more, and then the remainder 20 minutes later. So he was fed at breakfast and tea time but actually had 6 small meals.

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i personally wouldn’t rule that out but if that’s the HO’s requirements, then that’s their requirements. The care of their pets comes FIRST

I’ve just accepted a sit where one of the cats will have to be fed in staggered fashion for a similar reason.

My own rescue dog used to inhale his food when he first joined us and would throw up. I ended up learning about slow feeder bowls and getting him one.

It’s exactly about such problems. Anyone who accompanied a pet for the whole life knows about such things.

The others have never had a pet for 10 to 20 years.

This is also the reason why I am only accepting sitters who had own pets for many years, means accompanied a pet also in the age or illness.

We sitters are paying for our costs at home, too. And if I’m spending money to transport myself to sit for someone, what’s the incentive if I don’t have time to explore for more than 4 hours? I might as well stay home and not have the extra work of pets.


Agreed. Even as someone who telecommutes and spends more time with sit pets than most sitters, I avoid hosts who come across as entitled, selfish and who think sitters are lucky to stay at their homes. I’d rather not sit at all than partner with such people.

I’m lucky to own terrific homes now, but even when I was young and coming up, I knew better than to bother with such people, fortunately.

wow, just …wow …there are no words to answer this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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