Cleanliness of the home on arrival

Oh yes I’ve had dirty cutlery trays and had to do the same as you


It took me an hour and a half to clean the pulls on the kitchen drawers and the fridge handles once, there was so much dried food stuck to them.
The other thing was the pet dishes…for someone who loves their pet so deeply one would think they would wash them out! :nauseated_face:

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I’ll just make the review about the pets and not mention the home at all :grin:

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@BridgetG good idea. Not mentioning the house is a message in itself! I would read between the lines…

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My policy is always to leave the home a little cleaner than when I arrive. I never buy cleaning materials other than vinegar. Baking soda and vinegar can clean almost anything.

Still, it amazes me how many pet owners do not have a vacuum and basic cleaning supplies. But I figure that a pet owner can not expect you to do something they are not willing to do.

It’s true that because the home is not that clean, you should not have to stress about cleaning it too much, and it should be easy for you to leave it a little cleaner. I have only arrived at one home that was not clean but wasn’t too bad. I also close the doors to any room I will not be going inside, and I leave them the way they are. I just let the pet parent know I did not go inside.


You’d think if the THS standard is “like a hotel” everyone would be on the same page.

So if the host was staying at ANY hotel budget to luxury - they would expect it to be clean and safe upon arrival and NOT expect to clean it before they left. Clean sheets, clean kitchen and bathroom. No dust balls rolling across the floor.

I mean I clean up before I leave but I don’t clean houses. And I’ve never had a complaint. And in most cases I leave it cleaner than I found it.


I have pretty high standards when it comes to cleanliness but I’m a house sitter and pet sitter first, not a cleaning lady.


I usually bring sponges, cleaning cloths etc from home and a toothbrush. It’s amazing how one little toothbrush comes in handy for cleaning :slight_smile:

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I spent a lot of time cleaning a dirty kitchen, and dusting a layer of dust in the lounge and dining room. I was more comfortable once it was done but I don’t think the HO even noticed! They were used to it the way it was! Incidentally, I really enjoyed that sit despite the dirt.

Ah, yes, sponges. As a sitter, I am never sure I want to use the sponge in the sink, even if it’s not gross because I just don’t know where it’s been or what it’s done before I arrived ;). As a homeowner, I now leave a brand new, unopened sponge for my sitter to use so they don’t have to wonder.


I’m on sit 11 or 12 now with THS. I’ve had some interesting situations already. One had a full baby poo bucket two feet from my guest room bed. And a number of other cringe inducing cleaning lapses.

Another home stay got off to a rough start the first morning when I opened the lid to the Keurig and a cockroach scurried out. GAH!! No cooking went on that week.

Needless to say I’ve learned to travel with a stocked road kit, including a mini crock pot, coffee maker, microwave safe plate, bowl and cover, utensils, and cleaning supplies. Plus a portable light, flashlight, multi charger cord, USB fan, yoga towel, bed/bath linens, water bottle, coffee mug.

Sounds like a lot I know, but everything fits in two plastic bins, and my stuff makes all the difference in having a great sit no matter what I arrive to. I’m also getting much better at scrutinizing photos! :grin:


Welcome to the Loyal Order of TH Packrats! :joy::rofl:

I bet that that those of us who bring a whole bunch of stuff could collaborate on a spreadsheet and come up with a comprehensive list for those who are new to the platform.


My list (ever evolving as I learn lessons with each trip!)

Sheets, towels, blanket, my own pillow, pour-over coffee supplies, travel mug, travel water bottle, ziplock bags

Sponges, rags, clorox wipes, papertowels,dust buster vacuum

Yoga mat , Shatki mat (it’s an accupressure thing)

A lot of this stuff is just in my vehicle at all times, including a bunch of other survival supplies (first aid kit, flashlight, 3 days of water, fix a flat, a few basic tools, fire starter, air pump, portable jump starter, etc) because I travel a lot in remote areas, alone with no reception. Basically I have everything I would need to survive for 3 days, anywhere.

Basically, I wanna be prepared not just for a potentially grubby house, but if the apocalypse should happen while on the road. :rofl:


Me too, I hate cleaning day….

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That’s fine when you’re housesitting in your home country with your own vehicle but difficult when housesitting abroad


What a great idea! This topic would be a helpful blog post for newbies. I’m continuing to refine my packing list. I’d love to see what others take along.


Wow, as a HO I find it appalling and amazing that they would not clean for you! Or have supplies available! Much as sitters ae given instructions/hints by THS, we HOs also receive “Get ready for your sitter” messages. I don’t tend to read them thoroughly as we have been at this a long time, but I am quite sure one of the messages mentions having a clean house.

Dare you leave something in the post-sit review? Come and sit for us. We have a housekeeping every two weeks. :broom: :soap: :sponge:


I believe you get a message from @Angela_L stating exactly what needs to be done. I arrived at my first Australian housesit in May and the owners had the list on the fridge and had ticked off each item. The place was spotless. The list was useful to me for cleaning before leaving too, although sitters do get a list also,


True @llbarton53 , almost all of the many homes I’ve sat have been clean and very nice. But since we’re talking about dirty ones, every now and then you run into one of them.


From experience, this is our breakdown for arriving at sits:

-65% of sits are meticulously clean and shiny
-30% of sits are everyday clean, this is okay! Might have missed a few spots.
-5% not acceptable

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