Do you clean your own Home, Wash the Bedding/Towels before leaving for a sit?

I love skoolies. I have a bus conversion sitting in storage. I love that bus because we put so much work into it but it’s just sitting there for now


I do exactly the same….so nice to come h9me to a clean house and clean sheets.


I do like to leave my home looking nice and clean to come home to no things wilting or strange life forms growing in the fridge make sure the toilets flushed and mostly fresh clean sheets on the bed but I’m not OCD about it :woozy_face::blush:


We’re cleaner and neater than most. That means anyone could turn up at anytime and the house will be equally clean and neat.

We don’t let chores pile up. Like we wash everything we used after every meal. Our junk drawer and garage are organized. Even my underwear and sock drawers are all sorted, LOL.

I sit solo. My husband stays home with our dog, because he doesn’t like traveling as much. Lucky, he also telecommutes. All I do before a sit is throw out food he won’t eat. Happily, we don’t have kids to nag about cleaning. And I’m grateful to my late, beloved MIL for raising her kids to look after themselves.


They’re fab, our’s is just an ex Park n Ride from London, that then went to Devon where it spent most of it’s working life rolling up and down the Country and Sea side. It’s hard as especially since Covid, even lots of sites won’t take our big wheels on homes and trying to wild camp is near impossible too. Hugs

I hear you, you can walk into ours and you can be on the other side of the world and I can talk you through where what will be etc, I am okay with this, I think the family are too (they just won’t admit it, lol)
My Hubby sometimes comes for a few days, depends on where are going etc, otherwise he stays behind, eats everything he likes/loves (way too much Pesto for me, lol) however he does wash/dry his own washing etc while I am away, will run the dishwasher etc, he does the Bathrooms, however he knows me too well and that I will come home and give everything another clean! lol.
Though I must say, when we leave one HS, go home for a night, then start a new Sit the next day, I am finding it exhausting and my Marigolds, well they needed to be replaced, lol. I don’t mind going from one sit straight to another or being home for a week or two , it just depends.
THS sending me notifications, I can’t help it, it’s like playing bingo etc, I think “oh, I will look at this one” lol. before I know it, I am talking to the Family about a potentially new sit or locations or if we have a new invite to some far away place in the World. We all have valid passports now (not all UK of course! lol, however we can take up some of these invites now, which is exciting) x

Agreed, each to their own, as a HO It would do my head in, if I had come back from a lovely Holiday and then had the Washing I had not done before we left, plus all our Holiday Washing and Bedding, especially as many are straight back to work the next day. But that’s just me. x

For sure, it is a nice feeling knowing when you get home, it’s already clean and tidy. It must be how HO feels, knowing their home is clean, bedding is done, towels and mostly happy, healthy Pets that have loved their “staycation”. x

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