Excessive pet hair

I think it’s a great term. We once posted that we’d had a Belgian sit with a “gentleman’s bar” included and an older American forum member said that also had “other”connotations :rofl::rofl: #languagelovers

Furminator is a brand name. I’ve heard them generically called “deshedding tool” but I like “stripper brush” now also!

I tend to stick with paler clothing and I have a coat that I’m not too fussed if it gets wrecked.

The trouble is, I’m actually as bad a shedder as the pets! :laughing: It’s a wonder I have such a thick head of hair as I lose so much of my own hair all the time. Right now, I’m on a three week sit and unfortunately, the vacuum cleaner isn’t working at all so between me and the pets, that’s a lot of hair shed!!!