Five Applications Pausing Discussion Post

Wut? Now I’m confused, as discussions elsewhere state there are no more applications allowed once it hits 5. How does confirming your application at 7 or 8th place not hang the site and give you an error?

I’d like to know, if you accept another sit while a previous application is paused at 5, does the system automatically decline you?, or does the HO get notice that you’re not available?
I applied for something 2 weeks ago – radio silence from the HO. Yesterday I applied and was invited to another. Today I get a “declined” notice from #1, no message or anything.
I’d just like to know what the HO sees in that case.


What people write in the forum is not always exactly accurate.

What is true is that the system will put listings in review status when five applications have come in. Then you cannot open a new application page. But when you have an open page you will still be able to submit the application that you were working on. So don’t close that window and don’t let your computer go to sleep.

I have proposed that THS should require a minimum time after opening that window before one could submit the application. Maybe five minutes or ten (I am never faster than that with reading and deciding and writing). That way, attractive sits could get loads of applications, while keeping the limit-of-five.


I would love to be declined but don’t even have a chance at that with the 5 applicant rule. All I ever see anymore is “reviewing applicants”.


I think the HO are less knowledgeable about how to get more applications than we sitters are about being able to apply for the sits we want. Bring located in the US and wishing to sit in Europe is almost impossible because of the time differences. I feel that this application window should be open for a full 24 hours in fairness to THS global sitters.


Everybody gets their push notifications simultaneously.

Great idea!

Yes they do. So if that is at 6pm in Italy, it is 1 am in Nashville, TN. Therefore all of the sitters in Europe have an opportunity to apply before I am even awake!

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No. At 6 pm in Europe it is noon in the eastern US. You should be awake then.

Um, some of us are night owls, some of us work night shifts, some of us operate in a different circadian time zone than the one we physically live in. It’s a Thing. :roll_eyes:
This is really going off into the weeds.

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THS : “everyone has equal access to sit listings”

Us: “right, but have you heard about TIME?”


Next logical step is: “well if you really want a sit in x place you’d better just adjust your life to begin that time zone regardless of schedule/obligations/the way THE EARTH WORKS.”


This is why I think members should be careful about what they disclose about their succesful approaches.


This may be new to me but…
Attached to an “application” email I received for posted dates.

Also a reminder to decline with a note…


Hmmm., that doesn’t sound realistic when you also have day-time commitments (e.g. jobs, kids, pets, etc) to go and live at night instead just to beat the 5 appl rule for sits in a different time zone…

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Yes, which is because it’s ridiculous hyperbole. I should have included /s, perhaps?

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Another ‘useless’ comment since THS has made it very clear that, whether this or other unexpected & far reaching changes to how we use the website to create a match, they won’t change their mind on any implemented change:

I just secured a sit, hurray. I was lucky, I caught the sit in the listings just before reaching the 5 appl cutoff & quickly threw in a one-liner before jumping on a client call.

The HO is relatively new to this site, about 1.5 years. I just explained her about the rule and she indicated that now she better understands why she gets so many applicants in the pool of 5 who don’t respond, withdraw, go silent before she’s even managed to arrange a proper chat with them. This is the behaviour of ‘opportunistic’ applicants (click first, read later) vs committed applicants


What THS could do (without abandoning the limit, without losing face) would be to tell the applicants that there is no hurry.

They could do that in the new application interface that is being tested now. Then the HOs would get applications that were more considered and better written. The real popular ones would get more than five.

But yes, it does not matter what we write here.


Hi… I would like to see more than 5 applicants before the site pauses my listing … I know I can just reject the applicant and unpause but it would be helpful to have more choice before I dismiss potential sitters


Much discussion has taken place regarding this topic. There are no plans to revert to how things were. Lots of information can be found here.