Frustrated with Last-Minute Changes: Need Advice on How to Handle Sit Cancellation in the middle of Sit

@rumi sorry this is happening to you . A similar thing happened to us last year and it was very stressful. Although it is against the T&Cs we reached out to member services who are limited in the help they can give , if I am honest . They can’t stop the Homeowner from coming home early so you are on your own to make arrangements.

This is what I learned if you are a Premium member you are covered by the sit cancellation guarantee if the homeowner comes back early ( curtails their trip ) but you would need to involve member services immediately for a successful claim. You find your own alternative accommodation, pay upfront and claim it back ( minus $100 ) Sit Cancellation Terms - sitter |

If you are a Premium member start looking for alternative accommodation within 20 miles of the sit that you are on ( hotel, air bnb )

You could then tell the homeowner “as you have informed me that you are curtailing this sit by returning home early on x . I will be moving to alternative accommodation on x please make arrangements for care of your pets in the event that you are delayed any further . I have informed THS member services so that I can re-claim my out of pocket expenses from the Sit cancellation guarantee. “

This is the thread where this situation was discussed before Home Owner curtails sit by coming back several days early

I hope you can work it out and please keep the forum updated .