"Frustrations" - Helpful Suggestions

@LauraBBrady on this forum , I can’t see your profile as a sitter only your home owner one which says you are located in Austin TX.

To increase the chances that a HO finds you for your upcoming travels you could to change your location to Ontario Canada - that’s a work around the current system .

I don’t know if you can have different locations as a sitter and home- owner ? @Karen-Moderator do you know the answer to that ?

@Silversitters That’s a great question. Unfortunately I don’t know if location is linked across pet parent and sitter profiles or not. I’m tagging @Therese-Moderator and @Carla-Moderator as one of them may know and be able to answer the next time they’re in the forum.

Do we have any members with combined memberships who’ve tried this? We’d love to hear what you found.

Thanks @Karen-Moderator

Hi @LauraBBrady I noticed that your profile is not live at the moment. It is very important that your profile is live, so when you find a suitable sit, you can immediately apply.

The listing and the profile on a combined membership are separate entities, so changing your location on your profile, does not affect the listing location.

I would suggest that when you apply for a sit, do mention that you have had sitters as a homeowner yourself, and I would send them the URL of your listing too. I believe this will help you secure a sit, especially as a new sitter.

Good luck and safe travels.

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