Home owners returning in middle of a sit for few days

Ugh. I know how you feel. This really needs to change.

I posted about the HO coming back a few days early with an hour’s notice. That was disruptive.

In the middle of a long sit 6+ months ago, I did have a HO come home for a few days, but I knew about it ahead of time and had the option to stay (and not be kicked out of the master BR). So that was no problem. (I’m going over this afternoon to watch the dog for a few hours).

I once signed up for a 3 month sit and in the listing they mentioned they might come back 1-2 times during the sit to pick up supplies for their business. I was fine with it at the time. But when I arrived at the sit, pretty much nothing was as advertised. Rather than coming back a couple times in 3 months, their actual plan was to only be gone on the weekends and their preference was for me to find somewhere else to be during the week. “All our past sitters really enjoyed having the chance to explore the area”.

They had also turned their house into an Airbnb between when I accepted the sit and when it started and decided not to tell me because they didn’t want to worry me. They wanted to pay me $5/day to run their Airbnb. I felt pressured to do it the first weekend because they had a wedding booked in and had already made plans to be gone. It was a nightmare of dealing with needy people who were constantly barging into my room (no lock on the door), messing with the animals (their 20 year old cat was traumatized when they kicked him out of his bed so they could move the table he slept under), blowing fuses, breaking the gate, etc. The icing on the cake was when one guest decided to lock a padlock on a gate and take the key. That padlock effectively locked me into my room and I had to stand on a balcony and yell until the guy heard me and came to let me out.

I ended up leaving after a few days as the sit was so completely misrepresented. It turned into a whole thing and I had to get help from support to mediate it. Thankfully I had copies of all of our text conversations because it turned into a he/she said situation that could have really damaged my reputation if I couldn’t prove all the problems I’d encountered.

These days I’m more leery about mid-sit visits.

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We’re going to be starting a long sit (4 months) in December and we know the owners are going to be coming back. They’re renting a property in Switzerland for the ski season. We only live 1.5 hours away from them, so are quite happy with this… it will enable us to see our kids and friends. However, this works only because we’re not far away.

Hi @tesstess1234 welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining in the conversation TrustedHousesitters has a policy that for the duration of the sit only the sitters will be present in the home. If the arrangement is that the owners return and sitters leave during that time and this has been prearranged and mutually agreed that is different to owners returning to occupy the property and expect sitters to leave without warning or remain in the property and continue pet care etc., which is completely against our agreed T&C’s as in the case of @CreatureCuddler

I’ve had great long term sits they do give you the opportunity to really bond with the pets and live like a local … the down side for me was saying goodbye to the pets, but then that applies whether I’ve cared for them for a week or 6 months.

Have a great sit … will you get the opportunity to ski too?

Angela and the Team

We once had a sit when the owner never left for the whole three weeks!!( He apparently got cold feet at the last moment because the country he was going to had high Covid-19 occurrence.)
Fortunately we had separate accommodation so were not in one another’s way, but we were still expected to turn up twice a day at an exact time to join in the care of the pets (and got comments if we were five minutes late)
On top of that the guy was not very friendly and I felt one of the dogs was not treated fairly.
Not an ideal sit I can tell you!


Yes, it has happened maybe once (we have been doing this for three years fulltime). In our case it was a pleasant experience, we had dinner together 3x and met a lot of people in the village through her. The doggy was also really old, so I guess she must have felt guilty about leaving at all and wanted to pop in as much as she could.

Oh my. That sounds very uncomfortable.