How are HouseSitters getting on with applying for UK sits?

I’m a new member so i don’t have experience of how things were pre covid. I’ve only applied for 2 UK house sits -both short term and quite close to me. Both had loads of applicants and I didn’t hear anything at all for weeks. Both then cancelled a day or two before the date of the sit. I’m not sure if this is the usual method for choosing a sitter ? If either of the HO had chosen me I would then of only had 24/48 hours notice. Obviously Covid has made things so difficult for everyone. I am just happy this forum has been created as its a great way to really see how the process works.


Hi @LizzyP welcome to the forum and welcome to our TrustedHousesitters community. COVID has presented everyone with challenges and TrustedHousesitters is no exception, in “normal” times owners and sitters are mostly confident that plans made will be able to come to fruition, unfortunately that doesn’t apply at the moment but we have every confidence that safe travel will return and out pet and housesitting lifestyles will once again resume in the way they did BC … that’s before COVID.

This really is the place for help and advice and to hear wonderful stories from shared experiences … thank you for being part of this great community, we can’t wait to share in your future experiences.

Angela & The Team

Thanks Katie, I don’t use the app, but perhaps I will have to.
I’ve only got a week to fill, early June so my requirements are fairly specific!

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Hi LIzzyP
I joined in 2018 and have found that in normal times the balance between HO and sitters is pretty equal or even a higher demand for sitters, right now however it seems there is an oversupply of sitters to available sits so HO can be swamped with applications and have a wider pool to select from.

I am a sitter and prefer it when HO post their sit several months ahead, it really does enable a relationship to develop early on and helps planning your travels, whenever possible I normally visit the HO if its on my route for other sittings or if I happen to be in the area. I also visit previous sittings when possible to say Hi and have a cuppa… its a great way to get to know people better when sometimes you only meet them for a few minutes pre-sit

A well presented profile and early videochat is essential in the early stages of any application.