How do you choose the right applicant?

@Coclico and hire a paid sitter if they don’t understand equitable exchange and mutual respect:)


Please pick the one you like the most and do the call. If I were an applicant and the first call in the series, I would think (accurately) that the answers I gave would be used to formulate questions for the next sitter, thus giving subsequent sitters a substantial advantage and simply wasting my time.

The subsequent sitters may not have been knowledgeable enough to ask the right questions and provide the right information. However, the HO won’t get that feel, because they’re driving the conversation based upon my answers.


Pick a couple of you really can’t decide. No need to talk to all 5 :grin:

Really anyone whose application or profile is a mismatch, I decline immediately with a brief note as to why. I’ve been fortunate to still have 4 (or sometimes all 5) that are strong on paper so I do video chat with them all. Sometimes things click when you see faces that don’t come across on paper.

While I totally understand that some may not want to participate in this process due to the time involved, it’s my home and my pets and I need to go about it in a way that is comfortable for me. If a Sitter backs out because I don’t immediately offer then the sit after the chat then that’s fine by me. Probably a good sign that it was a mis-match from the start.


Yes agree with that response, I would definitely let the sitters know that you are interviewing everyone because multiple great people applied. That way the sitter doesn’t get hurt thinking that you looked elsewhere after a video interview. But yes you do take the chance of losing some great candidates because if they are not Chosen immediately they may move onto to another sit.