Never used service before. Unsure if sitters would be interested

Thank you. I will reply to others messages next. After worrying a little, i am now blow anyway by the jump in support :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Julsie, your collie sounds about average in relation to dogs I have looked after. I would not have a problem. Many do not give as much information as you have. I have had dogs that will not walk to heel and absolutely pull like a train on the lead. An hour or more of tug-o’-war can be exhusting. I end up with permanent arm ache. And then if off lead and have no recall etc. Some have not been taught any commands such as stop/halt, sit, heel etc. I have defintiely had dogs who will lunge at any dog coming near. Also ones that have been allowed to be complete boss in a house and if you do something they do not like, such as attempt to just sweep the floor, they will growl very threateningly at you. I have also had some lovely ones that have been much more easy, but honestly yours sounds absolutely average to me. I wouldn’t worry.


Hi everyone,

I am very new to the community and have not had my first set as yet. From what I have gathered so far from the conversation, it seems to me that if pet parents and sitter are honest and upfront with each other, both will win.


Yes, you’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s all about open and clear communication from beginning to end