New Sitter - Lapse in Judgment - Lost Cat

To give all of you more perspective, the sitter removed a pane of glass protecting the wrought iron security door in order to air out the house when he was unable to open the windows in the room. (The windows in that room are tricky and I rarely open them). The cat was able to escape in between the wrought iron rods.

He stated the cat sprayed inside the house leaving a noxious odor. This cat had been neutered six years ago and I had not seen him spray (although I’ve read it is possible for some neutered cats).

His intentions were good—he wanted to present me with a clean house. I didn’t smell the spraying (and I had a previous cat who sprayed so I know the smell).

Frankly I never contemplated a sitter would consider removing the glass pane. When we talked about it, he understood why that was not a good idea. He felt very bad about it and helped me search.

I think he wanted to learn from this as he is just starting out with THS.