No response to sit request

I took a look at your listing for you, and here’s what I can suggest:

1: Your intro is quite long and reads like an autobiography rather than telling sitters straight away why they should sit for you. Your entire intro should ideally only be as long as your first paragraph in your intro. Sitters would rather know compelling reasons why they should sit for you rather than reading an autobiography about you, so tell them straight away what’s on offer.

E.:g: “Do you want to experience and explore the lovely area of Chico and relax in a pool and spacious home? Do you love cats? Then this is the sit for you! Hi, we’re (names) and we’re looking for somebody travelling without pets and children to care for our lovey cat just 1 mile from central Chico. This is an easy sit in which you will have plenty of time to explore, shop, hike, bike or take a drive in the country! We are a retired couple who enjoy travelling and are seeking a reliable sitter willing to send us pictures and updates of our cat while we’re away. Is this you? Check out our home and location section to see what else we offer you!”

Do you see how this is much more compelling than “hi, we’re (names), our career was this, we enjoy this and this, we adopted the cat because…” Etc. my 5 common mistakes to avoid for a successful listing should help. Remember this is an advert, and should read as one.

Besides this, all other sections are very clear and well written, so well done! My only other thought is that your dates are quite short - only 6 days at a time (and the first and last days, a sitter is busy arriving, unpacking/meeting you, etc and then cleaning/packing up/leaving - so really, it’s only 4 full days in Chico, which isn’t very long!)

This might attract people closer to Chico who can get to your sit within a few hours, but for others coming from further away, it may be too short a sit for them, especially as Chico is quite far from anything in the middle of the countryside. Perhaps you could consider offering a free extension of stay at the begging and end of your sit to give sitters more time to see the area.

Hope that helps!

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