Overlapping Sits Discussion Post

A small win! I just got round this ridiculous ban by directly contacting the HO via email. They mentioned they had a B&B so with some Google sleuthing i found another way to contact them. I explained the issue with the ban on overlapping sits, which they had no idea about!!! They dont mind at all that I’ll be solo for some of the time as my partner will be off sitting elsewhere. Sorted!


This is very frustrating indeed.

Also, this double booking block should be for single sitter only.


Lucky you!

Do let me know of your find please.

Why should it be for a single sitter thats not fair!! If the owner is aware and ok with it it should be up to them and no one else!!

@Cat_Lover Its simple- A single sitter cannot be in two places at once! But a couple can split to cover an overlap and everyone is happy.

I just completed a recent THS survey and one of the questions was asking if I’d be willing to pay extra to be able to apply for overlapping sits. For a small extra I definitely would- as long as its definitely way less than buying a second membership.


You obviously didn’t read my reply properly. At the end of the day, its not up to you, me or THS, its up to the owners of the pet.

Some pet parents are happy for you to pop over, spends some time with their pet, play with them, feed them love them and thats it. Others don’t want that and prefer you to be there with them full time and spend all your time with their babies.

I don’t judge either way as long as the pet parents are happy and their pets are been loved and cared for thats whats important.

How long do you spend with each pet?

Some sitters have to work and only get to spend night time with the pets, some spend part of their day with the pets, other sitters spend all of their time with the pets and some pet sitters are travelling the world and want to see and experience the places where they are staying at and care for the pets at the same time.

At the end of the day as long as each pet is getting lots of love, care and food its up to their owner.

Interesting that stopping overlapping sits was brought in for supposed ethical reasons (the welfare of animals left alone) but that restriction is now being considered something that can be dispensed with simply by paying for it.


Is it not part of the Ts & Cs that the sitter has to be there for overnight stays in the same way that HOs can’t ask for day care only on THS? :thinking: Didn’t think you could ever do “pop in” anything on here on either side as there has to be the exchange of accommodation for the pet care.

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@Cat_Lover A single sitter cannot sleep the night in two places at once! A couple can split for that purpose. Thar’s what I mean. We have done that several times.
Part of the THS arrangement is that the sitter is present overnight. How they manage their daytimes is something else.
If you mean two sits that overlap on the same day by a few hours that is totally different. We have also done that- back & forth between two nearby sits - to coordinate with hosts deoartures/arrivals- to ensure no pets are left too long.

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@Goodboyjakey THS must be realising that the overlapping restriction is counter productive. Many couple sitters, like ourselves, were able to help out two hosts by splitting up to manage a one/two night overlap. Now some hosts- especially at busy times- miss out on good sitters altogether because we can no longer even make contact with hosts to discuss an overlap! The THS logic about pets being abandoned only really applies to single sitters trying to double book themselves- especially without the knowledge/agreement of the hosts!
But as @Cat_Lover says it should really be up to hosts and sitters (grown adults as we all are!) to negotiate overlaps between ourselves. Even a single sitter managing an overlap could mean the difference between a host getting a sitter or not!

THS created that rule based on a very small minority of sitters not being responsible. The rest of us have to suffer the consequences. I’m sure there are many hosts and sitters who would like that restriction removed. Its a very controlling restriction imho. The answer from THS accirding to the latest survey is to (maybe) offer it as a paid option. Another moneymaking opportunity!


As a home host, I was able to post dates that end and start on the same day, as it is a split sit.
Very helpful.

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This is an issue for solo sitters too, not because we are trying to actually overlap or do something shady, but because we can’t reach out to HOs to see if they have any flexibility. I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but not all HOs are in popular areas and some don’t get a lot of applicants and might prefer to make alternate arrangements for one day rather than having to make alternate arrangements for their entire trip.

As an example, I reached out to HOs about a sit with only one application when I was not available for the last day due to another sit. I explained I would have to leave the day before their listed end date. They happily made other arrangements for that last day and I left the day before they returned as we agreed. There was no overlap, we agreed on a different end date for the sit. It seems their other applicant had bad reviews and they were not considering her at all. They were deciding whether to cancel their trip or try and figure out other arrangements when I applied. They are a lovely couple with an adorable dog, they just don’t live in an area that is a travel destination. Under the current system I would not have been able to contact them at all and that sit would have gone unfilled. And that was not the only sit I’ve done with that situation. The current system hurts both HOs and sitters, and does affect solo sitters too.


True. I prefer open to all but if they were to impose blocks it would be more logical to block single sitter. But then again some hosts are flexible with the dates and this new rule denies us all the possibility of discussing with the host.

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Totally agree. I saw a sit that starts one day before my confirmed sit ends and host stated they are flexible but I have no way to discuss with them.

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Yes! Hypocritical eh?! But perhaps now THS understands that this restriction has the negative side effect of some hosts getting no sitters at all. Better an overlap arrangement being negotiated than no sitter at all!
If the ‘pay for overlap’ option is only made available for couple sitters- who can split for a night or two- then their ethical reasons position could be maintained…

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As long term TH members who sit full time (>50 sits & 5*) we’re EXTREMELY frustrated with this change. So much so that we’ve begun searching for alternative sites to join.
After 6 yrs of evangelising about TH to anyone who would listen, we’re now feeling very unappreciated and beginning to grow resentful. Looks like it’s time to move along - what a pity.
In the meantime I’ve figured out a time consuming but functional way around the rediculous new rule. It’ll do until we join elsewhere and get reestablished.


Would you like to share that trade secret @Jliz or keep it up your sleeve? :thinking: #insideinfo


I think that I could figure it out. My guess is that it involves constructing the application-url yourself. Computer hacking, but it would be within reach for many.

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Way beyond my pay grade @pietkuip :rofl::rofl: