Owner & Sitters Expectations

Thanks Therese. I did not see that. @Snowbird explained how to use the magnifying glass to search which is useful. There will always be people like me who are new to the community who will have the same basic questions and I appreciate this will be an irritant to those who have been in the community for a long time. I must admit, finding discovering the expectations of sitters has been a bit of an eye opener. Equally, the experiences they have had at some sits has been a bit surprising. We all have something to learn


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I do agree that no matter how long anyone has been experiencing house sitting, there is always something new to learn

Our personal philosphy is to leave the home as near as possible as to how we found it if not better. We always spend our last day cleaning throughly and very happily so unless we are specifically told not to (maybe the have a regular cleaner coming in for example ) We dont see why someone else should have to wash sheets that we have slept on. We wash my own sheets at home so why not when we am fortunate to be invited into someone else´s home even if the main reason is to care for their pet which is also a pleasure for us.

Each case if different but we feel good showing our appreciation to the owner in this way and its also part of our own personal pride too :slight_smile:


@Itchyfeet I will tag @Angela-HeadOfCommunity to make sure she sees your request.

IMO, as is the case in most situations in life, communication is key. Every HO is going to have different expectations and that’s ok as long as that’s clearly communicated.
Frankly, there is a section in our listing where we are able to clearly communicate our expectations of the sitter, and HO’s should use this space to clearly state up front what they expect a sitter tp do. That way prospective sitters can have a clear understanding before they opt to bid for a sit. Of course, clearly communicationg expectations (again) never hurts, especially in the welcome packet we prepare.
I outlined by expectations in my ad and I don’t expect a sitter to do anything beyond that - if they want to that’s fine but it isn’t expected. We always tell our sitter that our cleaning ladies will come to the house a day or two before we return so the sitter doesn’t feel obligated to do an extensive cleaning and then we know the house will be in the condition we like it to be in when we return.

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Hello Joandacat,

We are HOs and sitters.

As HOs, we ask sitters to strip the bed. If they have time to toss them in the washer (along with their towels), they may do so, but it always depends on when they depart our sit. We don’t want them to get up super early to do wash! :slight_smile:

As sitters, we always strip the bed and place them (with our used towels) where the HO tells us to.

Personally, I think it’s nice to come home to a clean home, and as sitters, to clean what we used and clean the areas that we used while sitting.


Just ask! Cover this in your pre-sit interview, find out what the HO wants you to do with the sheets and towels – if they’d like you to strip the bed, leave the used linens and towels in the washer, wash the linens, remake the bed … It’s very simple, no guessing, just do what you and the HO have discussed in your pre-sit intervew.


@NigelLovell Our family shares the same philosophy - we strive to leave all places (homes, beaches, hiking trails, etc.) even better than we found them :sparkles:

Even when there is a cleaner coming in after us, we do a solid surface clean so the cleaner can spend their time deep cleaning a bit more. We always wash & replace the linens. We agree, leaving a clean & tidy space is definitely our personal pride and way to show appreciation to the owner for welcoming us into their home :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As a home owner, I know how much I appreciate returning home to a freshly cleaned home, so after a long day of travel, we can relax and focus on spending time with our pets :paw_prints:

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I know you really mean well but I would actually be offended. Weeks before the sitters arrive I do everything to prepare the house for them and I leave my home as clean as possible. If sitters really find more spots to clean than myself I would feel that I haven’t done my best.

I would like all sitters to think about this “cleaner than before” sentence. Isn’t it enough to leave it exactly as you found it? Provided that it WAS clean and not filthy.


Completely agree, simples!!

@Pawtastic This is exactly why we “STRIVE to leave all places even better than we found them”. Strive & better (not necessarily cleaner) being the key words :wink:

Often times during introductions, we have had owners point out tasks they have not had a chance to get to (or are incapable of due to physical limitations) - whether it is vacuuming/mopping, snow shoveling, sweeping decks, tending to plants, etc. We know life gets busy at home, so we love the chance to help with little chores around the house the owner has mentioned :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: When applicable, it has always been appreciated and received exceedingly well. Obviously, there are instances where you are correct! Owners leave a spotless home :sparkles: so we still strive to leave it in the same condition we walked in to. That entails intentionally cleaning on our end from general daily life of humans & pets to not undo any of the owner’s previous hard work. Especially being a sitter family, we want the only changes you notice in your home after our departure to be positive ones (if any).

We are owners as well and do the same as you mentioned with our own home - spend dedicated time preparing for our incoming sitters, so we always appreciate the efforts sitters make in regards to returning our home to the same level :hugs:

One last perspective to consider… “better than we found them” can also include tasks outside of cleaning - refilling pet food storage bins, leaving a snack/meal for owners returning home late or after a long day of travel, fresh flowers, etc :two_hearts:
(I tailored my initial comment with a focus on cleaning since this thread was originally about washing bedding / cleaning the home.)


Yes leave it as you found it I would never like to offend my house owner .I just clean sink area and bathroom if needed and fridge if needed. But I have just been mostly lucky in my house sitting experiences. With wonderful appreciative house owners.The other side of the spectrum is when a house owner is so particular and showed a 70 Something lady how to dry the door of a washing machine and the detergent drawer to take out after using.how to to close and open a blind .well just to say it took all my will power to bite my tongue and say as my mother would have said dinnae teach yer grannie how to suck eggs. An old Scottish saying that only some would appreciate…