Pet Sitting Travels In America - Advice Please

i am new to THS but it doesn’t appear there is a way to set CAR-FREE as a search option. there is a way to search for high speed internet. have i missed something?

i live in a small town (Eureka, CA) that is very easy to be car free in. soon after i moved here i broke my wrist and was able to do all my errands on foot.

Hi @molky and welcome to TrustedHousesitters. You are correct, currently there isn’t a way to set “car free” as a filter, these are the current searches you can do on the website version:

Screenshot 2022-04-25 10.10.24

It is, however, something that’s been discussed and suggested on other topics so I’m sure the product team will have this on their list of ideas when considering future filter updates.

excellent! thanks for considering it.

i suppose the button should be: use of car required or recommended.

bicycle-friendly would be a great option too :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile:

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@Petermac @Smiley
I have bookmarked this link.
I have my first USA sit in Sept In Sacramento. Looking for possible add on sits so will browse this with intent :grinning:

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That’s great news. Best of luck getting more sits while you are there. It Beats Scotland in the Autumn…

Turo offers rental insurance and at different levels. My Turo experience has not been great, however. First, I booked with someone who canceled on me at the last minute and blamed Turo for double-booking. It didn’t seem to ring true, and this was a superhost person. The rebooked vehicle was OK, but the owner had his sister meet me at the end, and she accused me of causing damage (I had not–and had the pre-rental photos to prove it). She followed me to my friend’s car and would not let us leave.
I think I prefer paying too much for rental cars through an established company.


Gotcha. I have free rental car insurance thru my credit card so that’s why I prefer to stay with an actual rental car company.

Hi there!
Unfortunately, the US isn’t very pedestrian-friendly unless it is a major city. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but it can be done depending on your likes and sense of adventure! :grinning:

Someone mentioned that credit card rental insurance does not cover rentals like “Turo”. Not sure if that is true but it would be wise to research before booking.

Yes, you’re right. I looked into it and my free credit card insurance does not cover. That added expense takes away from the cheapness of the car IMO.