Sitter has to pay veterinary expenses up front!

I always discuss this with HO before a sit. Most have an account or ask their vet to bill them on their return. I had to take dog to vet last sit and didn’t pay anything.

I didn’t realise this was in THS rules and not sure why it’s our (sitter) responsibility. We dont take pets to the vets on a whim afterall.

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I do agree with these concerns and feel they need to be addressed. Ideally at the applications stage. Here is another and potentially useful thread…

Where THS are asking for feedback. As a dedicated team are going to look at these issues and are asking for our input.

So let’s use it everyone! THS are listening, so let’s use this opportunity to make some positive changes!

(I think the title of this thread needs to change, so we know better what it’s about…)

@Angela_L is there an update from the team on this important issue or a date when we can expect a reply from them ? Thank you .

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It would be off topic to discuss the rules there. That thread was just about programming.

THS does not tend to do much with feedback. What they are working on is experimenting on us, dividing us in control groups, and then throw our profiles around. When there are so many things that many members have been continually asking for.

Even such a trivial thing as providing a legend/key at the availability calendar they have not done anything on. In years.

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I could be incorrect but it says they are asking for suggestions of improvements, our ideas for solutions and also frustrations.

It’s a good place to start the ball rolling and may lead to positive changes.

While there is a current window of interest from THS, I think we should jump in. Alternatively THS think “we asked for suggestions and we heard nothing…”

At the very least, it’s a ‘no harm in trying’ I think.

Best wishes

@Ben-ProductManager wrote there about the limited scope of Messaging and Applications.

He was not asking for all frustrations - there would be no end!

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Thank you @pietkuip. I am suggesting this is included/addressed at the applications stage… as it’s so fundamental and a biggie…

THS needs to step up and address that currently sitters are left wide open to fend for themselves re being liable for someone else’s vets bill and in claiming them back.

I didn’t even know about it. I would do no more new house sits till this is addressed at the application stage and it’s definitely better being prompted from THS sending a template re vet care arrangements, than each individual HS when they are already starting on the back foot in terms of an overall unequal standing…

I’d be interested in hearing the opinions of more members on this…

It is quite obvious that THS must change those clauses about any vet costs, any costs of damage to the house.

They still have not done that. And I think it is beyond Ben’s remit to change this.

@Purdie , I suggest that any member (sitter or homeowner ) who has concerns about this clause 5.3.5. and the potential very serious negative consequences for the pet / sitter also writes to member services expressing their concerns . I have done so .

That way your comments will not be missed or overlooked by THS ( as could happen if they have been made in the forum chat only) . I am confident that all the correspondence that is received on this issue from different members will encourage THS to take our genuine concerns seriously.

@Silversitters, thank you! Indeed, the more voices/letters the better! Well done.

I’ll do both. Write in formally and also on the forum, so other people who didn’t know (like me) can see and also step up and act. I so believe in visibility combined with positive action.

Otherwise it’s just moaning about stuff. :smiley:

Thank you for your suggestion, as I’m only just in the early stages of learning and knowledge.


Ps. I really appreciate how practical, balanced and reasonable your posts always seem to be. I’ve been reading this forum on and off a year now and you’re super consistent. Am only just starting to feel the confidence to post regularly myself, from the inspiration I get from other members. :heart_eyes:


Hi @Silversitters, thank you and yes this is currently with the Head of Membership Services for review …


Being a HO from Switzerland I can assure you we are very aware that a vet visit is very expensive here. We always have to pay our vet right when we are there (with no possibility for an account - we asked). This is why I always leave emergency cash inside my pets’ passports (however not enough to cover surgery or any big procedures).

But for me that clause makes sense. My vet always asks for payment straight away so it’s no different when someone else brings my pet there. If this worries you, talk it through with the HO or - better - get it in writing that they will reimburse you ASAP if you have to pay for a visit to the vet. That way you are sure what to expect in case of an emergency.

I might have to add that we have two indoor cats. So the risk of having to go to the vet for a big emergency procedure is very small.

In nearly all sits I have ever done, this issue has been addressed in writing in a folder e.g. at the sit. The majority of people leave quite a bit of cash, some have prearranged the payment scenario with their vets, and my last sit the HO’s took out what we call a “care plan”.

You pay the vet a certain amount of money which covers all visits and medications required so there is no out of pocket expenses. I actually had the need to take a pet to the vet twice at my last sit (six months) and never had to worry about money. The only time we thought the issue may have been more serious and may have needed surgery (which turned out not to be the case) the vet phoned the owners direct and asked them how they would like to proceed. So everything had been put in place before my arrival and I don’t find this uncommon on most of my sits.

I definitely would not be happy if I needed to dig into my near empty pockets to pay an exorbitant vet bill that’s for sure!


Thanks for the response. We’ve done lots of sits in Switzerland & it’s always been organised with the HO, it was simply a scenario of “imagine if it’s Switzerland” on the discussion thread (we’re sitting in Sri Lanka now which is a very different budget scenario).


@ziggy maybe it’s a country dependent thing. I’ve only done Uk. Never had any cash left nor an arrangement made with the vets.

Thanks to this forum with such great folk and informative posts, I’ll now know to always ask.

But it would be better if it was universally prompted by our mutual agent THS to HOs to confirm that provisions have been made.

Not just leaving HSs to either learn the hard way through paying then chasing, or by reading the forum…

…or worse still, saying it’s ok, the HS will cover it and indeed must! Not a good or fair message, IMO, to send to HOs by THS …

Not all HSs will be as fortunate to have only good experiences through mere chance or the benefit of experience …

@Purdie TBH I’ve never even SEEN that notice on TH about vets costs etc. I’ve never once not been left money or a plan already in place with a vet. Possibly it is a country dependent thing but I’ve always had the same thing on my UK sits.

I think I’m just too blase sometimes. I buy a one way ticket to a country and take it from there, wherever the wind blows :joy: When sitting I always book my first sit though so not totally irresponsible. Everything falls into place. But the vet thing, nope, never seen it, maybe I should start reading everything and start adulting :thinking:


@ziggy i think it’s lovely that you are so laid back. I am still working on that :laughing:

Re the terms, (at the very top of this thread) It’s sober reading dude!

But I’d rather know about that huge liability, (thanks muchly @Silversitters!) so that I can offset it before a sit starts by agreeing something different, in writing, with my HO until THS removes that one sided liability from the terms and gives back the onus to the people who own the pets. Which btw is still technically legally enforceable I believe by an HO, should they wish… :flushed:

Oh I totally agree with you, Purdie re the terms. I think it’s in the process of being removed or reworded so I do hope so, it’s gross and wrong! I shall take off my laid back hat and have a good read :grin:

I’m in the UK and have a bank account with Starling, I have what they call a “Connected Card”, which I leave with the sitter. They are limited in how they can use it, and how much I can put on it (£200 max) but it should cover a taxi to the Vet and the initial consultation. If it was serious, e…g required surgery etc I would expect the Vet and/or sitter to contact me (I’ve never been anywhere I can’t be contacted by phone), and I would pay the Vet over the phone.

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@ziggy so many of us don’t scour carefully the terms! I’m so grateful to all the users here. I’d be clueless and entirely exposed but for y’all… I was sooo trusting and naive…

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