Sitters need photos of the bedroom!

We do the same thing @botvot leaving a detailed note to save the HO guessing what needs to be done


@DianaO when a new member signs up on TrustedHousesitters, there is a guideline to be followed that actually tells you step by step what pics need to be added. Some older members did not originally have that guideline but when we find them, or someone brings them to our attention, we reach out to the member to have them updated.

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@BillyBonnieBenji I do not know of any issues myself but will bring to the attention of our team.

Yes, I can remember as a child that my parents slept together in a double bed. They upgraded to a Queen in the late 1970s. They now wont sleep together unless its in a King. It’s easy going up in size but once you’re used to more, it’s VERY difficult to sleep in something smaller again.
I used to sleep with hubby in a Qn but moved up to a King about 10 yrs ago and a qn feels barely adequate now. If the room we’re in is small, we greatly prefer twin beds (even bunks) to sleeping together in something smaller than a king.


@Jliz how true is that! I remember the same thing with my parents and just like you said, my hubs and I kind of freak if we check into a hotel and don’t get the king we requested. We are all so spoiled…lol


I’ve been renting my guest room on Airbnb for over 10 years. The room has an (American) double bed - I put the dimensions (in inches & metric) on my Airbnb listing (& on my listing here. ) I mostly get couples staying with me. Granted, lots of them are European.

We always bring our own sheets to sits. I ask the homeowner in advance for the bed(s) sizes and let them know not to bother making the beds up. If they do anyway (many forget, some just aren’t comfortable leaving a used bed for guests) we strip the fresh linens immediately and put them away neatly.

This saves time on the morning we leave as we just take our used sheets & bag them (do laundry at our next stop) and sl%ip their fresh sheets back on - easy peasy.
Also, we always get to sleep on lovely, crisp, 100% cotton, percale sheets… just like we like :slight_smile:


More red flags than a carnival!

LOL, I do this ALL the time! Less so for cluttered counters but I always look at the baseboards and see if they’ve been wiped in the 6 weeks or if they have a little snowbank of dust & ickiness piled up on them. Good housekeepers regularly do baseboards, less particular ones usually don’t even know they’re supposed to do them. Dead giveaway every time!

Same. I’ve slept on too many convertible sofas where the owner says it’s comfortable but it turns out to be like sleeping on the rack. It was ok when I was in my 20s… not up for it today.


Hi. Bed size names in UK, EU and NA used to be my pet peeve when I travelled for business.

I finally created a table showing the various names & dimensions in different regions. I’m thinking this might be useful for others (link below).

Please note that Aus, NZ, Asia, Africa etc have their own nomenclature as well.


@Jliz Your link is not accessible by others without permission. Instead, forum members can view the information in a previous post on this topic:

Does size matter? Know your bed sizes around the world

With THS doing the 5 application pause test seeking to improve things, I thought it might be a good time to create topics for what WE want and need. These sorts of things get mentioned in various places so maybe having new topics just for that may help get the attention of THS.

I created 2 new topics:
Listing Requirements Needed and
Search Improvements Needed

In the Listing Requirements I said sitters need photos of the bedroom and the bed measurements.

Please feel free to add what you believe should be required in listings and how searches might be improved.

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Pass on that one! :joy:

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When this happens I pass on by. No picture of bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, no interest.


I’ve applied for four sits recently that didn’t have all the interior pictures I’d like in their listings. They had all used TrustedHousesitters in the past, so their listings were approved before TrustedHousesitters began requiring more interior pictures for new listings.

When we had the video chats, I asked them to walk around their home and show it to me. Three did gladly, and one said she’d send pictures shortly. I told them why the additional pictures were important to me, and suggested they might want to add additional pictures before they post their next sits, as they might lose some sitters otherwise.

I ended up taking all four sits, and they were all great.


I did not put such photos because I do not want that eveerybody can see, how I am living. Who is really interested in a stay here will always get full photo-range and also from the place around the house so that they can imagine, how the village looks like.

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Hello @Sofiabul. Welcome to the community forum. I’m glad you found us and have jumped into the conversations. Like you, privacy was the reason two of the homeowners I applied to didn’t post all the pictures I usually like to see.

@Sofiabul I understand your reasoning but it might limit those making the effort to apply. For example if the pictures you do show and your description and previous sitter feedback were all great I might well apply but would ask straight away for bedroom/bathroom pics as well. Its so important for sitters to see the parts of the home they’d be living. In contrast if you show too few pics, don’t write much & have little or no sitter feedback I would just scroll on. I really prefer if hosts post all relevant pictures on their listing- makes it so much easier to get a fuller impression. If you are concerned about privacy I’d encourage you to remove personal items before taking the pics so the rooms look more neutral.


I have just decided not to apply for a sit which did show the bedroom.
My husband is 2m tall and so it is imperative that there is no footboard at the end of the bed. So far we have managed to negotiate this difficulty by asking the HO about the bed we would be sleeping in, some HOs have been really accommodating and even let us sleep in their bed if it’s the only one without a footboard, but it would be so much easier if every HO put up a picture of the room and bed we would be using.