UK Owners: reconsider 'Sitters need a car'

Hi @AnneI thank you for the feedback on this site always worth checking out alternatives …

Hi Terry, yes that is a great idea. It would also be good if Home-Owners were encouraged to offer the use of their vehicle - subject of course to insurance, driving licence checks etc. On a couple of occasions, we have found that if you ask the HO could you use their car, they have offered it to us. Sometimes we have given them a small amount of money to use it - this makes it beneficial to us both! So if the HO could be encouraged to offer their car, it would be a great bonus to the sitters!

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I’ve borrowed my sister’s car a few times in the UK, and I think they use National Farmers Union car insurance. As far as I know it was purely a case of adding the named driver at no extra cost. Might be worth looking in to.

I am a traveler without a vehicle, as I’m sure many users are. I know that there is a filter setting to only view sits with cars provided, but there are so few sits that offer cars, that this narrows down the listings too far and there are barely any left. I don’t NEED to have a car provided, because I’m also interested in sitting in places that are accessible by public transportation, bikes, etc. I’m wondering if there is any way to filter OUT the sits that do require me to have a car? This would drastically improve the navigation and UI for other travelers like me!

That is a good idea, except that many HOs say “sitters need a car” by default, when the HO is not providing a car. This means that the “sitters need a car” sits are misleading and a car may not really be essential.

Hi @Mir
The sitters need a car tag is a constant frustration for me. As @Lassie says, quite often listings with that tag, when asked it turns out that sitters don’t NEED a car after all. It has been discussed a few times at length - you may find this threadinteresting

I agree it would be really nice if there were different tags such as ‘a care is nice to have, but not essential.’ I would love to do some sits in the UK, but it seems like all the sits I look at say 'sitters need a car." Traveling in the US I have my car, but when I go overseas I use trains/buses. It seems like some of the listing are in locations where a car may not actually be necessary. I’m also not looking for a car to be provided, I don’t want to drive an HOs car. It would be helpful to be able to know whether a car is actually essential and also to be able to filter out sits where a car is required.

We just completed a sit in the UK where we were offered the use of a car but when the HO contacted their insurance company about adding us, the found out they found out their insurance company doesn’t do that anymore. They had added sitters free in the past. Fortunately, it was a short sit with a small store in walking distance.

@Danandnan same here. We have a few UK home owners who have offered us use of their car but I expect this won’t be happening now due to their insurance companies refusing cover for us. One owner said her insurance company refuses to add any drivers to the policy who are from outside the UK. The owner approached several other insurance companies to get seperate insurance cover for us and can’t get any. The HO felt really bad and is leaving us with a taxi kitty to help us out with transport to a couple of attractions she knows we have booked to go and see.