What do Owners want to know in Sitter applications?

Just curious to hear what owners are looking for in the Sitter Applications? I’m never sure what to write since most of the info is already in my Profile? Do I just repeat the info from my Profile in my application? What information would you like to ideally see in sit applications?

Hi @jennymcg welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, there are a number of topics and conversations discussing this question you can use the search function by entering key words and there are great article s on the blog, I’ve included one below.

I’m sure you’ll also get some great advice from our helpful and friendly members … but top line is, be professional, always thoroughly read the listing and personalize the application, some owners make it easier than others by include a lots of information, be friendly and approachable be that sitter the owner wants to have a conversation with, but most of all be yourself.



Welcome! As mentioned you need to try and get the fact you have experience with whatever animals you have looked after and that you are trustworthy.
My biggest suggestion for any new sitter is to apply locally to begin with until you get at least your first confirmed sit. That worked for me as a relatively new sitter.

For us as home owners what is important is experience pertaining to our cat. Your message should be able to highlight how you see yourself sitting for our cat. It’s one thing to make a general statement in a profile (e.g. we love cats) but we need to know how this translates for our cat. For example, if we describe our cat as shy at first but warming up to strangers after some time we would like your message to tell us how you might facilitate that. That way we can be reassured that you are aware of what we are looking for in sitters. For us you are not going somewhere to look after pets you are coming into our home to look after our girl. Hope this helps. :hugs:


Hi @jennymcg,
A few things that the application text might include that aren’t typically in a profile:

  1. Some indication that you’ve read the owner’s listing, e.g. acknowledging some specific need for pet or home care that the owner has identified, especially if it’s unusual.
  2. Experience you have specific to the pet’s breed or size or energy level or health issues.
  3. Some interest in connection with the specific place or a unique feature of the sit.
    Hope this helps!

I look for a personalized application, referring to my pets by name, and other comments that show they have paid attention to my needs (similar to what others have mentioned).

I like sitters to explain why they are interested in being in my city. I don’t live in one of the very popular destinations, so I’d like reassurance that the sitter really wants to visit here, and won’t cancel because they subsequently got a sit in Paris or New York.


I appreciate everyone’s input. Especially the owners. I’m actually not new to THS. Been doing it a couple years and have done 10 sits. But I’m still never sure what to write in the application. I’m curious if owners make their initial decision based on the application alone (if so, then I should include my profile details in the application) or do they also check out the profile? I don’t want to overwhelm them with too much in the application. So just wanted to ask what they tend to look for in the application letters. How much info do they want and what is most important to them. Thanks everyone. I love the feedback!