What exactly does “Sitters Need A Car” mean?

re: my first ever TH Sit:
You all are so helpful. I feel so much better from all the replies, and guidance. Thank you all. I am determined to serve my best in this sit, and so, having heard back from Host, she said:

· it is a 45-mins walk to bus, which is fine and easy for me,


· a taxi from the train, which I do not know how far that is, but better than $1,200. for rental car, I am hoping!

I suggested maybe my most affordable option is to walk to bus, when I can, and take a few taxis for the luxury sometimes of ease. I only need 3 to 6 bus trips in 12- day-sit for fun, exploring, and food.

I love to walk many times a day locally. I will happily walk our 3 dogs, snuggle with the dogs, clean and tidy, make healthy foods, and enjoy the local area. I have been to Edinburgh many times, so no strong need or urgency to get out for this sit. I am moving to Scotland, and will have years ahead to explore further out from the sit area.

I would love your suggestions, as I am brand new to living in The UK.

We will be in London, 11 May, maybe taking a train to Edinburgh, by 20 May, and need to make my way about 47 mins north to the Sit by 25 May.
Have you taken a train from London to Edinburgh? Or a bus?
I may do one of those. I love trains and buses.

(I would rather not say the location, for privacy of host.)
Any insights and ideas are welcome.

Thanks, Claire + Tarkina, the service dog by my side.