What if…..?

What if my lottery numbers were to come up this weekend? - Although that is also extremely unlikely to happen :pensive:

@Colin I have no doubt you would still show up. :clap: Getting to know you on this forum, I am confident that you would not let anyone down. Even if it meant finding replacements for your current impressive lineup of sits, you’d still take care of things. You’ve already shown that you’re a 5* sitter, so many times. :blush:


Oh wow, I hope she’s not in hospital!

I’d upgrade my flight to first class. :wink:

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I’d show up but probably have someone carrying our suitcases :joy:


@Katie I’m so sorry this happened to you!

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Get the premium membership so you have insurance. I am surprised THS didn’t say this in their response.

But read everything first! I wouldn’t rely on an insurance, which is supposed to cover anything all over the world…

So sorry this has happened to you. I experienced offensive comments from a potential owner that also never got satisfactorily resolved. It was my great good fortune that I got the most wonderful owners and their adorable dogs immediately after this bad experience. That person may have been bi polar and after all TH do not do mental health status checks. Did you find a way to alert other sitters in your review of her? I would have said something like “we were not on the same page” simply because you cannot say the person was a total whackadoodle. At least that way, future applicants would’ve hopefully see a red flag.