Where have all the sitters gone to?

Thank you all for the tips. Just updated that. Never thought much about the title when we lived in Tokyo and Singapore, but I suppose those locations were just much more in demand for visitors :thinking:


Charlie looks adorable. I suggest reordering your photos to have something eye-grabbing upfront - one of Charlie’s happiest faces or the one with him and Seattle in the background maybe. Best of luck!

While I would prefer that the people I sit for didn’t have any of those kinds of charges, only the animal abuse one would actually affect me since I’m not required to spend any time with the people themselves. If the HO has great reviews from previous sitters and I get a good feel about them in the interview, I feel pretty comfortable staying in their home while they’re away.

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I’m not a fan of guns, nor the gun culture in the US, but still not sure how/why it would affect me if I was sitting for a family that had guns in the house. I guess if I was taking kids with me, I might ask home owners if they had any guns in the house so I made sure my kids didn’t get near them.

You’re just down the road from me, Austen. I live in Greenwood. It’s a good listing. One issue that may deter sitters is that your dog cannot be left alone for very long. Even running errands might be difficult for a sitter relying on the buses. Seattle housing being so expensive means that many available full-time sitters have (non-remote) jobs. For example, my last sitter cleans houses, but only part-time, and doesn’t have a car. I can see a sit like this being appealing to a sitter like that otherwise. Would you consider hiring a dog walker to take care of the midday walks?

Edited to add–a few years ago when I was a digital nomad, I was based in DC and applied to sits here in the PNW b/c there were so many good ones, and airfares were reasonable. Domestic airfares are erratic right now.

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you might have missed the point of my concern - I don’t care if there are guns, I have guns in my own house. They’re not mine, I don’t use them and for sure I don’t travel with them!

I’m talking specifically about

charges for possession of unpermitted/illegal weapons

Oh fair enough, I didn’t get that point.

Hello all, new to the site & I posted a sit last week in the Seattle suburbs but haven’t had much interest. 2 applications, one was a new TH couple with 2 pics of them, no pet pics, no references, no personalized message, so that was a no. The 2nd app was also a new TH couple with no references, but a few pet pics & better profile, & a longer but not really personalized message.

I’ve read all through the forum & blog, tweaked my listing countless times, added better home photos, offered the car, linked in my forum profile, & finally boosted the dates yesterday, but still nothing. I understand people say not to freak out too much & more people are booking last minute, but as the trip out of the country approaches I am getting pretty worried. I will be inviting sitters tonight but appreciate any other feedback or help in finding someone great to enjoy our home & pets. Thanks!

Hi @jkjetsetters - If I was you I would have a video chat with your second applicants. As new THS members they can be forgiven that their message to you is not quite perfect just yet. As this seems to be the only negative, they seem like a good option.
By having a video call you are not committing to anything or in no way are you confirming them to sit for you but it will give you a great opportunity to get a more personalised feeling about them - Good Luck!


Hi @jkjetsetters … You can also boost your own listing, if you go to your dashboard, manage dates and press the button there. the creates a New button on your listing, puts it to the top of the website and is sent out to all available sitters.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards

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Hi Colin, thanks for your response & I do agree that there’s no need for a perfect message. They didn’t offer a video call, just text/call, but I’ll see if they’re up for it.

I wouldn’t say that’s the only negative bc their profile was mostly about them personally & professionally with only a brief mention of growing up with animals & knowing how to take care of all kinds, which coupled with no reviews or references does make me a bit wary for my first TH experience. Their message talked a bit more about their love of animals & how they’d take great care of our furbabies. I’m not set on someone having tons of reviews/experience but it does certainly make me feel better to see at least more talk about their experience with animals or references or a couple reviews. Especially when I’ve worked so hard to make our listing detailed & appealing.

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Hi Therese, thank you, I did boost the dates on Tuesday night but sadly it only got me a couple saves from people who aren’t available or don’t qualify (they have kids & it’s listed as not suitable for kids).

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We had a sitter booked and agreed for a very important trip flights booked etc. we have just had it cancelled leaving us very stressed as we only have a couple of weeks to find a new sitter!!
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to try and find someone at short notice ?

Where have all the sitters gone was the topic of a BBC article today. It addresses many points discussed on the forum, including the increase in the number of people who chose to get pets during lockdown.

Also, the increase in separation anxiety seen by pets used to having someone at home all day. I found the article interesting.


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Just a reminder to home owners that these days, when sitters are high in demand, it’s more important than ever to respond ASAP to applications. Waiting even a few days likely means that your first choice will be gone.

I’ve settled my plans for summer so a few days ago I spent the day applying to sits. Like most sitters, I apply to multiple sits at one time. Within a couple hours, I had 2 sits scheduled after exchanging emails and doing video interviews. By the next morning, 2 more home owners had offered me their sits without even talking to me. Now, a few days later, I have other home owners I applied to just starting to respond and I have to tell them that I’m already booked. In some cases, I would have preferred their sits, but I almost always accept sits on a first come, first served basis, so the first person I make contact with gets precedence over my time. Waiting several days to respond in the current environment just isn’t going to cut it right now.

So, when you’re getting ready to submit your listing, make sure that your schedule is such that you’re going to be able to be responsive over the next couple days so you can make sure that you’re able to get back to any sitters that apply in a timely manner and before they’ve accepted something else.

Just my $.02 as someone who feels terrible to have to tell people that they’re too late.

Good luck and safe travels.

ETA: I would also say that if you’re at all able to be flexible, I would mention that in your listing. One person who contacted me after I was already booked elsewhere was able to adjust their departure date by a few days and those dates worked, so I was able to do the sit.


Moved this to this relevant discussion @CreatureCuddler as it is excellent advice.

Thank you

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Yeah, it was a bit insane. It’s not been like that in all my years of sitting. I feel terrible for the people I have to turn away though. :frowning:

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Did you know you are able to rescind your other applications as soon as you accept another sit so that the chances of having to turn someone else away are significantly lessened?

I would do that if there was an easy way to see from the inbox the dates of each sit. But having to go into each message to figure out which one is for which date is a pain. Especially since you’re unable to open each message in a new tab. If it was one or two, fine. But I generally apply to a ton of sits at one time.