Why Longer Sits Are Easier?

When I first started sitting, I would do local sits that ranged from 3-4 days just to get a feel for what I had signed up for. Now anything shorter than that I won’t bother applying. I have found that I enjoy sits that range from 10 - 13 days. That gives me just enough time to enjoy a new place and spend time with the pet(s). Anything longer, I start getting antsy and ready to return home.


Personally we have had a need for both and can appreciate both depending on the situation.

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I prefer longer sits because I’m paying for airfare to get there…the flight would need to be pretty darn cheap for me to fly somewhere for just a few days. I also like spending more time in their community and exploring and since I work remotely, I’m limited to evenings and weekends to do those things, so for those reasons I look for sits that are at least 2 weeks or longer. If I were retired, I’d look for even longer ones.


We started housesitting through this platform when we (a German couple) retired in 2017. Immediately after joining THS we secured our first sit for eight weeks in Finland, followed by a nine week sit in Portugal. Then five weeks in Denmark, together with our grandkids. And so on all over the world… Our longest housesit lasted four months in Spain.
To get to the point, we prefer long sits because we like to live like the locals, connect with the pets and get settled at the places we choose. Ideally we even make friends locally. When we enjoy a sit, we are open to repeats. We are not fulltime sitters and own a comfortable home ourselves, but we love to travel and are usually gone six to seven months out of the year. We don’t want to live out of the suitcase, though, and during a few shorter sits we did in Europe we noticed that HOs don’t seem to bother clearing a closet or even the fridge for just a week or so.
Plus, if the location requires traveling by plane, constantly rising prices for airfare call for an adequate length of the sit to make it worthwhile.


I’ve had the exact same realization about longer sits. The “settling in” part of it really adds to MY quality of life while on the road.

The 3 day weekend sits or an overnight aren’t usually worth it to me (it takes too much of my energy to coordinate, be lost in a new city, unpack/pack then I’m gone). The caveat is if the location is on my path to my longer sit (I drive to sits 90% of time).

It depends on what YOU are wanting from the experience and what works for your physical & mental well-being… learning to be true to our needs makes a big difference…even on the road!

7 days would be my ideal length. However most of our sits are 2 weeks. I love going away to new places with new animals, but I also love my own home and community. Plus, longer stays mean more deep cleaning at the end rather than a quick whisk around with the vacuum and duster.

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We used to prefer really long-term pet sits, but after a miserable two-month sit, we have scaled back to a maximum of one month. The keys to a successful long sit are having honest homeowners, a detailed welcome guide, clear communication, and no unpleasant surprises or undisclosed responsibilities shared on arrival. Having said that we recently agreed to a 2 months repeat sit, where we already know what to expect.